The Black Belt 3:8 – Injured

Troels Hansen, Denmark, 2021

5 min.Series (documentary)

Maude has fallen behind with practice and she is fighting to get back into shape. She increases her training and is giving it all she’s got. But the intensive training ends up with an injury to her foot which worries both Maude and her coach.
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Original title Det sorte bælte 3:8 – Skadet
Danish title Det sorte bælte 3:8 – Skadet
Part of The Black Belt (overview)
Keywords Martial arts, Children, Girls, 2020-2030
Director Troels Hansen
Producer Patricia Drati
Director of Photography Troels Hansen, Mia Mai Dengsø, Anders Jepsen
Editor Esben Bay Grundsøe
Sound Mia Terry
Composer Lasse Aagaard
Appearance Maude Madicken Wetche Asmussen, Jesper Smith Løntoft, Jeanette Wetche, David Asmussen
Production country Denmark
Online release 15.09.2021, Filmcentralen
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Good Company Pictures
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut
In collaboration with DR


Direction Troels Hansen


Idea Patricia Drati


Producer Patricia Drati
Producer's assistant Maria Helga Stürup
Executive producer Katrine Philp
Executive producer Katrine A. Sahlstrøm
Executive producer Kaspar Astrup Schröder
Executive producer Boris Benjamin Bertram


Cinematographer Troels Hansen
Cinematographer Mia Mai Dengsø
Cinematographer Anders Jepsen


Editor Esben Bay Grundsøe


Composer Lasse Aagaard


Sound designer Mia Terry
Foley artist Peter Seeba

Visual effects

Colourist Anders V. Christensen
Graphic design Silke Brandes


Appearance Maude Madicken Wetche Asmussen
Appearance Jesper Smith Løntoft
Appearance Jeanette Wetche
Appearance David Asmussen
Appearance Maren Wetche Asmussen
Appearance Cecilie Hartmann Asmussen
Appearance Frederik Kjærgaard Petersen
Appearance Oliver Chassebi
Appearance Nina Hjort Hansen
Appearance Alvin Ahlgreen
Appearance Vera Lund Karlsson
Appearance Lucca Loft Rosberg
Appearance Josefine Wissing
Appearance Alba-Rose Flanding
Appearance Kenneth Hamann
Appearance Leif Plaetner
Appearance Karsten Toft

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