The Light

Alexander Lind, Denmark, 2023

70 min.DK/Documentary

The Light is a documentary set in 2023, where war is yet again raging within Europe. It explores the controversial artwork "Peace Sculpture" created in 1995 by artist Elle-Mie Ejdrup. The piece, a 532 km laser beam along the west coast bunkers, ignited a national debate in Denmark about the country's dark past and liberation from Nazi occupation. Elle-Mie faced threats and ostracism due to sexist media coverage. After 28 years, the documentary reveals new perspectives. It not only focuses on the artwork and controversy but also highlights the overlooked Atlantic Wall built during WWII and emphasizes the importance of nuanced historical narratives. "The Light" champions marginalized voices and emphasizes the impact of war on societies.
Basic information Credits
Original title Lyset
Danish title Lyset
Keywords Art, Art history, Artists, Ejdrup Hansen, Elle-Mie, liberation, The, Anniversaries, 1990-1999, 2020-2030
Director Alexander Lind
Producer Emil Johnsen
Director of Photography Troels Rasmus Jensen, Laurits Flensted-Jensen, Peter Sørensen
Editor Denniz Göl Bertelsen, Anders Obbekjær
Sound Andreas Sandborg
Composer Asbjørn Derdau
Production designer Sofie Derlev Mathiasen, Alexander Lind
Appearance Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen
Production country Denmark
Online release 17.04.2024, Filmcentralen
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company GotFat Productions
With support from DR, Det Danske Filminstitut, Den Vestdanske Filmpulje


Direction Alexander Lind


Producer Emil Johnsen
Executive producer Thor Hampus Bank
Producer's assistant Astrid Gott Schmidt
Production manager Sissel Vindskov Bødker
Post Producer Emil Johnsen


Cinematographer Troels Rasmus Jensen
Cinematographer Laurits Flensted-Jensen
Cinematographer Peter Sørensen
Steadicam Jacob Gosch
Drone operator Emil Johnsen
Drone operator Thor Hampus Bank
Drone operator Jacob Gosch
Camera assistant Carl Emil Voldgaard
Camera assistant Emil Stang Lund
Camera assistant Bue Nielsen
Camera assistant Morten Højgaard
Camera assistant Daniel Hertz Sørensen


Still photographer Kasper Heden Andersen

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Mikkel Sigsgaard
Gaffer Mikkel Hougaard
Gaffer Emil Stang Lund
Best boy Michael Tvermoes
Best boy Jacob Gosch


Editor Denniz Göl Bertelsen
Editor Anders Obbekjær


Composer Asbjørn Derdau

Production design

Production designer Sofie Derlev Mathiasen
Production designer Alexander Lind


Sound designer Andreas Sandborg
Recording engineer Bertil Kau Petersen
Recording engineer Daniel Hertz Sørensen

Visual effects

Colorist Jian Zhi Zhang


Appearance Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen

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