Baby Doom

Peter Gren Larsen, Denmark, 1998

81 min.DK/Feature

Max is a programmer, Nicoline is a chef, and they are both young, in love, and ambitious. Then lightning strikes: they have a baby. From that day on, nothing is ever the same again. Max, who has just been promoted, is certain he has everything well in hand. He has just invented the LifeOrganizer interactive personal scheduler designed to make life easier. But having to endure a baby with colic, piled-up washing and missed deadlines, Max and Nicoline's bachelor lifestyle is put to the test. There are only 24 hours in a day, or are there?

With many wacky smiles and lashings of gallows-humour Peter Gren Larsen depicts the stressed out situation young couples face when baby throws a spanner in your career. Max and Nicoline go through an awful lot, including a trial separation, before they accept that kids change your life.
Basic information Credits Music Materials
Original title Baby Doom
Danish title Baby Doom
Director Peter Gren Larsen
Screenplay Anders Thomas Jensen, Peter Gren Larsen
Director of Photography Jacob Banke Olesen
Editor Anders Villadsen
Sound Per Streit, Bertel Andreas Johansson
Composer Henrik Balling
Production designer Inge-Golf Schmidt
Appearance Peter Mygind, Camilla Bendix, Jesper Asholt, Ulrich Thomsen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution All Right Film
International sales All Right Film A/S
Technical info 2215 meter, 35 mm, Widescreen, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 20.03.1998
Cinemas Dagmar, Palads, Lyngby Teatret, Grand, Gladsaxe Bio, Værløse Bio, BioCity (Tåstrup), Kastrup Bio, Baltoppen Bio 1-2, Albertslund Bio samt 38 biografer i provinsen
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Film & Lyd ApS
Domestic distribution All Right Film


Direction Peter Gren Larsen


Script Anders Thomas Jensen
Script Peter Gren Larsen


Co-producer Mette Heiberg


Cinematography Jacob Banke Olesen


Still photographer Hans Andersen


Editing Anders Villadsen


Music Henrik Balling

Production design

Production design Inge-Golf Schmidt


Sound Per Streit
Sound Bertel Andreas Johansson


Max Peter Mygind
Nicoline Camilla Bendix
Michael Jesper Asholt
Magnus Ulrich Thomsen
Holstein Henning Moritzen
Steven Niels Anders Thorn
Bettina Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis
Lazlo Zlatko Buric
Opvasker Ditte Gråbøl
Madanmelder Preben Harris
Dr. Gabriel Jesper Klein
Familien Sommer Peter Gren Larsen
Familien Sommer Cecilie Olrik
Familien Sommer Otto Gren Larsen
Familien Sommer Bella Ahrenberg Benzon
Bill Gates Thomas Rørdam
Jordmoder Margrethe Koytu
Poul Thomsen Poul Thomsen
Margit fra Børnehaven Joy-Maria Frederiksen
Sygeplejerske Charlotte Hornhaver
Ekspedient i Family World Claus Bigum

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