Anders Thomas Jensen

(1972 – )

Screenwriter, director. Born 6 April 1972. Self-taught.

Anders Thomas Jensen won an Oscar in 1999 for his short fiction film ''Election Night'' and has since written more than 25 features in a wide variety of genres, including collaborations with directors Susanne Bier, Lone Scherfig, Søren Kragh-Jacobsen and Nikolaj Arcel. Jensen wrote the screenplay for Susanne Bier''s ''In a Better World'' (2010), which won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2011, and he also scripted Bier''s ''After the Wedding'', which received an Oscar nomination in 2007.

Jensen''s own feature films as director, characterised by dark humour and comical contrasts, comprise ''Flickering Lights'' (2000), ''The Green Butchers'' (2003), ''Adam''s Apples'' (2005), ''Men & Chicken'' (2015) and ''Riders of Justice'' (2020).

In 2003, Jensen was awarded an Honorary Bodil Award for his overall achievement in Danish film.
Filmography Music
Title Year Function Category
Agent 2023 Roberts gæst TV series
The Promised Land 2023 Screenplay DK/Feature
The Marco Effect 2021 Consultant DK/Feature
Riders of Justice 2020 Direction, Script, Idea DK/Feature
Daniel 2019 Screenplay DK/Feature
Minkavlerne 2019 Screenplay TV series
The Dark Tower 2017 Screenplay Feature
Men & Chicken 2015 Direction, Story, Screenplay DK/Feature
A Second Chance 2015 Screenplay, Story DK/Feature
The Shamer''s Daughter 2015 Screenplay DK/Feature
Land of Mine 2015 Consultant DK/Feature
People Get Eaten 2015 Script consultant DK/Feature
The Salvation 2014 Screenplay DK/Feature
All for Two 2013 Screenplay DK/Feature
Tomgang 2013 Screenplay TV series
Love Is All You Need 2012 Screenplay, Story DK/Feature
In a Better World 2010 Script DK/Feature
Donkeys 2010 Character developer Feature
At World''s End 2009 Script DK/Feature
The New Tenants 2009 Script DK/Short fiction
The Duchess 2009 Script Feature
Antichrist 2009 Script consultant DK/Feature
Fear Me Not 2008 Screenplay DK/Feature
Til døden os skiller 2007 Script DK/Feature
Hvid nat 2007 Script DK/Feature
After the Wedding 2006 Script, Writer DK/Feature
Clash of Egos 2006 Script DK/Feature
Red Road 2006 Character developer DK/Feature
Adam''s Apples 2005 Direction, Script DK/Feature
The sun king 2005 Script DK/Feature
Mørke 2005 Script DK/Feature
Dear Wendy 2005 Script consultant DK/Feature
Brothers 2004 Script, Screenplay DK/Feature
The Green Butchers 2003 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Skagerrak 2003 Script DK/Feature
Stealing Rembrandt 2003 Script DK/Feature
Open Hearts 2002 Script DK/Feature
Gamle mænd i nye biler 2002 Script DK/Feature
Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself 2002 Script DK/Feature
Grev Axel 2001 Script DK/Feature
Flickering Lights 2000 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Dykkerne 2000 Script DK/Feature
The King Is Alive 2000 Script DK/Feature
Zacharias Carl Borg 2000 Script DK/Short fiction
En sjælden fugl 1999 Script DK/Short fiction
Mifunes sidste sang 1999 Script DK/Feature
In China They Eat Dogs 1999 Script DK/Feature
Election Night 1998 Direction, Script DK/Short fiction
Baby Doom 1998 Script DK/Feature
Albert 1998 Script DK/Feature
Nøglebørn 1998 Script DK/Short fiction
Wolfgang 1997 Direction, Script DK/Short fiction
David''s book 1997 Script DK/Short fiction
Ernst og lyset 1996 Direction, Script DK/Short fiction
Café Hector 1996 Script DK/Short fiction
Hvileløse hjerte 1996 Script DK/Short fiction
Music Year Film Function
Smut når det gør ondt 1998 Baby Doom Songwriter
Flashback 1998 Baby Doom Composer