Jørgen singing his life

Kristian Nordentoft, Denmark, 2018

47 min.Series (documentary)

Jørgen is a lifelong street musician and now he has the lead role in an animated documentary web series about his own life. In the web series we meet Jørgen in his home, where he begins to tell a story about a period of his life. Then we get a visual representation of his old memory where he assumes the role of his younger self and in a cartoon universe, he is singing through the period. During the series, we get a musical reflection of 6 periods from 1970 up until today, and get an insight into how Jørgen has become the person he is today.
Basic information Credits
Original title Gadejørgen
Danish title Gadejørgen
Included titles Jørgen singing his life 1:6
Jørgen singing his life 2:6
Jørgen singing his life 4:6
Jørgen singing his life 6:6
Jørgen singing his life 5:6
Jørgen singing his life 3:6
Keywords Street musicians, Documentaries, Animation films, Music, Musicians
Director Kristian Nordentoft
Producer Mikkel Kristensen
Editor Kristjan Møller
Sound Morten Dalsgaard
Composer Lasse Aagaard
Production designer Jakob Oksbjerg
Appearance Jørgen Grønningen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut
Online release 12.11.2019, Filmcentralen,
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Copenhagen Bombay
With support from New Danish Screen
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut


Direction Kristian Nordentoft


Producer Mikkel Kristensen
Creative producer Lars Christiansen
Executive producer Sarita Christensen
Editor Marie Schmidt Olesen


Editor Kristjan Møller


Composer Lasse Aagaard
Musical consultant Pato Siebenhaar
Mixer Nikolaj Nielsen
Mixer Lasse Aagaard

Production design

Production designer Jakob Oksbjerg


Sound engineer Morten Dalsgaard

Visual effects

Colourist Virgil Kastrup


Puppeteer Jakob Oksbjerg
Illustrator Bjarke Stenbæk Kristensen
Animator Jamie Holmes
Animator Benjamin Agersted


Musiker Jørgen Grønningen

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