Good Favour

Rebecca Daly, Denmark, 2017

101 min.DK/Feature

In the film we follow a strictly devout Christian community suffering a crisis of faith following a series of unsettling incidents and a devastating loss. When a young man stumbles onto their compound bearing scars of trauma, they seem to experience a reversal of fortune. The community welcomes him and nurses him back to health, and he is slowly initiated into their farming life and scriptural regime. But something about the young man’s demeanour makes them nervous, and the questions start to pile up: who is he really, where did he come from, and why do the kids in the village claim that he is magic?
Basic information Credits Materials
Original title Good Favour
Danish title Good Favour
Director Rebecca Daly
Screenplay Rebecca Daly, Glenn Montgomery
Producer Conor Barry, John Keville, Benoit Roland
Director of Photography Tibor Dingelstad
Editor Tony Cranstoun
Sound Arnaud Calvar
Composer Rutger Reinders
Appearance Vincent Romeo, Marie-Louise Coninck, Alexandre Willaume-Jantzen, Clara Rugaard
Production country Denmark
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Production company
Executive Producer Savage Productions, Wrong Men
Co-production Final Cut for Real ApS, Viking Film
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, FilmFyn
In collaboration with DR


Direction Rebecca Daly


Screenplay Rebecca Daly
Screenplay Glenn Montgomery


Producer Conor Barry
Producer John Keville
Producer Benoit Roland
Co-producer Monica Hellström
Co-producer Signe Byrge Sørensen
Co-producer Merleen Slot
Executive producer Keith Potter
Production manager Maria Kristensen
Production assistant Emma Agergaard Svendsen
Production assistant Mauricio González-Aranda


Cinematographer Tibor Dingelstad


Stills Martin Maguire


Editor Tony Cranstoun
VFX editor Rasmus Bro
VFX assistant editor Sara Bruun


Composer Rutger Reinders


Sound designer Arnaud Calvar
ADR mixer Troels Fløe Kristensen
ADR mixer Rune Thuelund

Visual effects

VFX supervisor Peter Hjorth
VFX supervisor Alexander Schepelern
Compositing Troels Hoe
Compositing Stefan Bjørnfort Bernscherer
Compositing Linus Lindbalk
Compositing Gustav Törnroth
VFX producer Christina Jæger
VFX coordinator Nina Strøm


Tom Vincent Romeo
Sophia Marie-Louise Coninck
Hans Alexandre Willaume-Jantzen
Shosanna Clara Rugaard
Peter Baard Owe
Mikkel Lars Brygmann
Maria Victoria Mayer
Anne Helena Coppejans

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