Chapter 11

Ania Winiarska, Sweden, 2015

28 min.Documentary

There are great expectations upon south african BMX rider Anita and the pressure grows with popularity in the local media. As she is entering her teenage years, her priorities start to shift and cause frictions with her team. She struggles to see herself as a future champion and act like one.
A series of 6 documentary films about talented kids who are dedicated to their sport at a serious level.

Through a child's perspective, each film tells exciting, dramatic and engaging real life stories from the world of sport with all the challenges it may bring, looking at the kid's relationships and issues like parental pressure, sacrifices, friendship and gender related issues. Shot in Japan, Russia, South Africa, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Chapter 11
Danish title Kapitel 11
Other titles Sport Kids, Chapter 11
Director Ania Winiarska
Producer Malin Hübner
Director of Photography Ania Winiarska
Editor Britta Norell
Production country Sweden, South Africa
Production companies Story AB


Production companies Story AB
Co-producer Sant & Usant
In collaboration with ARTE, DR, NRK


Direction Ania Winiarska


Producer Malin Hübner


Cinematographer Ania Winiarska


Editor Britta Norell


Music David Engellau
Music Love Martinsen

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