Min lille hund Mester - Katteballade

Maria Mac Dalland, Denmark, 2015

9 min.DK/Short fictionChildren's films, Animation

Master lives in a small house in the countryside with a nice man named Thomas. Thomas was recently married to Bibi, who spoils Master rotten and lets him do all the things Thomas won't allow. But Bibi also has a cat. Master pretends that he has not noticed this. Proper dogs do not like cats, and sometimes he needs to show the cat that he is the boss of the house. Thomas tells Master a story about a king who also wanted to decide everything, but ended up learning wisdom from women in Africa. After the story, Master and the cat gets a meatball, and then Master discovers that you can get used to much - even cats.
Basic information Credits
Original title Min lille hund Mester - Katteballade
Danish title Min lille hund Mester - Katteballade
Keywords Dogs, Cats
Director Maria Mac Dalland
Screenplay Oliver Winding
Based on Baseret på Thomas Windings børnebøger "Min lille hund Mester".
Producer Maria Stevnbak Andersen, Morten Kaufmann
Director of Photography Casper Høyberg
Sound Hans Møller
Composer Jan Rørdam
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Toolbox Film
Co-production A. Film Production
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, DR


Direction Maria Mac Dalland


Script Oliver Winding


Producer Maria Stevnbak Andersen
Producer Morten Kaufmann
Co-producer Anders Mastrup


Cinematographer Casper Høyberg

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Frank Omø


Composer Jan Rørdam


Sound designer Hans Møller
Sound assistant Kevin Bavnhøj
Foley artist Johannes Rose


Thomas Søren Vinterberg
Mester Wilder Kreutzfeldt
Bibi Alberte Winding
Alexander Den Store Frederik Knuth-Winterfeldt
Afrikanske kvinder Amy Diatta

Visual effects

Colourist Ian Bach
Mastering Ian Bach


Animation Ingeborg Dena Faber
Character design Signe Ravn
Design development Anders Worm
Animation development Liller Møller
Background designer Maria Mac Dalland

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