Great Grandad's Tall Tales - The Cave

8 min.DK/DocumentaryChildren's films

When Theodor asks Great Grandad to tell him another ‘Fatso tale’, Great Grandad tells him he has a few grown-up things to do first. But when Great Grandad has finished shaving and dressing, he recounts the tale about the time when he and Fatso left home and built a cave out in the woods. Inspired by the story, Theodor packs his bag and heads off into the forest, singing the Boy Scout’s song that Great Grandad taught him. He builds an amazing cave, but as the day reaches a close, Great Grandad suddenly becomes worried – where’s Theodor? Luckily, Great Grandad’s cat knows exactly where Theodor is – and on finding him – Great Grandad is very impressed with the fine cave Theodor has built. Theodor and Great Grandad finish the day by cooking sausages over the open fire while they sing scout songs and cosy up around the glowing embers.
Basic information Credits
Original title Min oldefars historier - Hulen
Danish title Min oldefars historier - Hulen
Part of Great Grandad’s Tall Tales
Keywords Great-grandparents, Norway, Stories, Dens
Director Tone Mygind Rostbøll, Lea Glob
Screenplay Tone Mygind Rostbøll
Producer Maria Stevnbak Andersen
Director of Photography Lea Glob, Andreas Bøggild Monies
Editor Andreas Bøggild Monies, Jakob Juul Toldam
Sound Kevin Bavnhøj, Hans Møller
Production designer Kirsten Rostbøll
Appearance Theodor Rostbøll Goldbach, Erik Rostbøll
Production country Denmark
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Toolbox Film
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, DR


Direction Tone Mygind Rostbøll
Direction Lea Glob


Screenplay Tone Mygind Rostbøll


Producer Maria Stevnbak Andersen
Runner Mads Krause Sørensen


Cinematographer Lea Glob
Cinematographer Andreas Bøggild Monies


Editor Andreas Bøggild Monies
Editor Jakob Juul Toldam
B-editor Jeppe Hansen


Music Asger Rostbøll Mygind

Production design

Production designer Kirsten Rostbøll


Sound designer Kevin Bavnhøj
Sound designer Hans Møller
Mixer Kevin Bavnhøj
Mixer Hans Møller
Foley artist Torben Greve
Sound assistant Diana Queirós

Visual effects

Grading Ian Bach
Graphic design Palle Nørmark


Appearance Theodor Rostbøll Goldbach
Appearance Erik Rostbøll

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