My Faith – Who Am I? – Islam

Cathrine Marchen Asmussen, Denmark, 2018

17 min.DK/DocumentaryChildren's films

Asmir is 10 years old and a Muslim. He uses his faith to learn to know himself better - because who is he after all? He should always be doing good to others, that he knows, but he finds it hard not to be a troublemaker at times. At a school play, he is handed the opportunity to play a troublemaker but it is hard to remember all the lines and everything he has to do on stage but even harder it is to get to know yourself. That might take as long time as a 100 years Asmir believes.
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Original title Min tro – Hvem er jeg? – Islam
Danish title Min tro – Hvem er jeg? – Islam
Other titles My Faith – Who Am I? – Islam
Keywords Denmark, Belief, Religion, Islam, Children, Boys, 2010-2019
Director Cathrine Marchen Asmussen
Screenplay Cathrine Marchen Asmussen
Producer Lise Saxtrup
Director of Photography Cathrine Marchen Asmussen
Editor Yrsa Wedel
Sound Anne Gry Friis Kristensen
Composer Rasmus Møldrup
Production country Denmark
Production companies Klassefilm
International sales Klassefilm ApS / Kronprinsessegade 46 D, 4. / 1306 København K / t +45 2026 7440 / www.klassefilm.dk
Technical info color
TV release 22.10.2018, DR Ultra
Online release 31.10.2018, Filmcentralen


Production companies Klassefilm
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, DR Ultra


Direction Cathrine Marchen Asmussen


Screenplay Cathrine Marchen Asmussen


Producer Lise Saxtrup
Producer's assistant Sofie Rørdam
Post-producton coordinator Jakob Schaumburg


Cinematographer Cathrine Marchen Asmussen


Editor Yrsa Wedel


Composer Rasmus Møldrup


Sound designer Anne Gry Friis Kristensen

Visual effects

Graphic design and animation Gina Thorstensen
Graphic design and animation Nacho Rodriguez
Colourist Tobias Grundahl Ottosen

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