Casper Christensen

(1968 – )

Comedian, actor, screenwriter. Born 22/8 1968.

Christensen began his career as a comedian in the late 1980's. He began working as a TV host in 1991. Four years later he had his big breakthrough with the entertainment show 'Husk lige tandbørsten' (1995) and his success continued with the radioprogram 'Tæskeholdet' (1996-1997), the sketch show 'Casper & Mandrilaftalen' (1999) and the sitcom series 'Langt fra Las Vegas' (2001-2003).

In 2005 Christensen created the series 'Klown', which became one of the greatest successes in recent Danish television. The series ran for seven seasons, the latest airing in 2018 after a nine year long hiatus. The 'Klown' franchise continued in 2010 with the feature film 'Klown – the Movie', which was Christensen's feature film debut as a screenwriter, and the follow-ups 'Klown Forever' (2015) and 'Klown the Final' (2020).

He also wrote the screenplays for the comedys 'Undercover' (2016) and 'Dan-Dream' (2017).
Title Year Function Category
Robots 2023 Direction Feature
Klovn The Final 2020 Casper, Screenplay, Executive producer, Story DK/Feature
The Hustle 2019 Appearance Feature
Dan Dream 2017 Thorkil Bonnesen, Screenplay, Executive producer DK/Feature
Grethe 2017 Jack TV series
Undercover 2016 Screenplay DK/Feature
Klown Forever 2015 Casper, Screenplay, Executive producer DK/Feature
Player 2013 Theo DK/Feature
Ronal Barbaren 2011 (promo screener) DK/Feature
Klown 2010 Casper, Screenplay, Story DK/Feature
Journey to Saturn 2008 Per Jensen DK/Feature
Deroute 2008 Christian Caspersen TV series
Direktøren for det hele 2006 Gorm DK/Feature
Clown 2005 Casper, Script TV series
Sharks 2004 Flemming, Script consultant DK/Feature
Shark Tale 2004 Oscar Feature
Langt fra Las Vegas 2001 Casper Christensen, berømt tv-vært, Script TV series
Kissmeyer Basic 2001 Appearance TV series
Casper & mandrilaftalen 1999 Appearance, Screenplay TV series
Hannibal & Jerry 1997 Stor ismand DK/Feature
Gotha - kult, kitsch og b-film 1996 Appearance TV series
The Swan Princess 1994 Voice Feature
Flemmings cykel 1977 Flemming TV series