Frank Hvam

(1970 – )

Comedian, actor, screenwriter. Born 12/9 1970.

Hvam got his breakthrough on national television in 1999 with the sketch show 'Casper og Mandrilaftalen', where he first collaborated with Casper Christensen. They continued their partnership with 'Langt fra Las Vegas' (2001-2003) and the quiz show 'Shooting Stars' (2004).

In 2005 Hvam and Christensen created the TV series 'Klown' (2005-2009), which became one of the greatest successes in Danish television. Hvam and Christensen both wrote the series and played the leading roles.

Hvam made his feature film debut with 'Klown – the Movie' (2010), which was a big commercial success. Hvam and Christensen continued the 'Klown' franchise with 'Klown Forever' (2015) and 'Klown the Final' (2020), while they also revived the series for a season in 2018. The duo also starred in the feature film 'Dan-Dream' (2017), which they also wrote.
Title Year Function Category
Klovn The Final 2020 Frank, Screenplay, Story, Executive producer DK/Feature
Minkavlerne 2019 Pastor Per TV series
Dan Dream 2017 Knas, Screenplay, Executive producer DK/Feature
I am William 2017 Dino DK/Feature
Klown Forever 2015 Frank, Screenplay, Executive producer DK/Feature
The talent thief 2012 Claus DK/Feature
Klown 2010 Frank, Screenplay, Story DK/Feature
Æblet & Ormen 2009 Torben DK/Feature
Journey to Saturn 2008 Arne Skrydsbøl DK/Feature
Clown 2005 Frank, Script TV series
Tid til forandring 2004 Konkurrenceleder DK/Feature
Kissmeyer Basic 2001 Appearance TV series
Langt fra Las Vegas 2001 Kenny, sportsjournalist, Script TV series
Mit liv som Bent 2001 Flemming TV series
Casper & mandrilaftalen 1999 Appearance, Screenplay TV series