Kristian Levring

(1957 – )

Dierctor, born 1957, Denmark. Levring was brought up in France and Switzerland. Graduated in editing from the National Film School of Denmark, 1988. Alongside a very successful career directing commercials, Levring was among the co-founders of the highly acclaimed movement Dogme 95.

Levring's directorial debut came in 1986 with the science fiction film "A Shot from the Dark". Levring's Dogme film, the English-language desert drama "The King is Alive" (2000) starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Janet McTeer and Romane Bohringer, was selected for Un Certain Regard, Cannes. Furthermore, the film took home an award at the Film Camera Festival in Bitola, and in Tokyo, Leigh was chosen as Best Actress. Two years later, the critically acclaimed UK production "The Intended", starring McTeer, premiered in Toronto.

Title Year Function Category
The Salvation 2014 Direction, Screenplay DK/Feature
Antichrist 2009 Script consultant DK/Feature
Fear Me Not 2008 Direction, Screenplay DK/Feature
Tilbageblik på 'The King Is Alive' 2005 Appearance DK/Documentary
Det danske dogmeri 2005 Appearance DK/Documentary
Doxa 2005 Screenplay Feature
The Intended 2002 Direction, Script Feature
The Purified 2002 Appearance DK/Documentary
D-Dag 2001 Direction TV film
The King Is Alive 2000 Direction, Script DK/Feature
The Boys From St. Petri 1991 Trailer DK/Feature
A World of Difference 1989 Production DK/Feature
Shot from the heart 1986 Direction, Idea DK/Feature
Moments of Play 1986 Editing DK/Documentary
I hvilket vand 1985 Assistant director DK/Short fiction
Havet 1984 Editing DK/Short fiction
Per Nørgård - et arbejdsportræt 1984 Editing DK/Documentary
Granny's house 1984 Trailer DK/Feature
Haiti Express 1983 Editing DK/Feature
66 scener fra Amerika 1982 Editing DK/Documentary
The ballad of Linda 1982 Production assistant DK/Feature
Step on Silence 1981 Editing DK/Documentary
Uld og plantefarve 1980 Editing DK/Documentary
The return of Captain Klyde 1980 Assistant editor DK/Feature