Nils Malmros

(1944 – )

Born 5 October 1944, Denmark. Graduate of medicine, 1988.

Malmros, who found inspiration early on in the French New Wave, is considered one of Danish cinema's major auteurs. As both screenwriter and director, Malmros maintains a strong autobiographical element in his works which draw on the director's memories of growing up in the provincial town of Aarhus. His films are characterized by a unique psychological realism, often using amateur actors from the actual milieus he depicts.

Malmros's made his feature film debut in 1968 with 'A Strange Love. His breakthrough film 'Lars Ole 5c' (1973) is the first part of a trilogy on childhood and adolescence, followed by 'Boys' (1977) and 'The Tree of Knowledge' (1981), all considered classics in Danish cinema. The autobiographical inspiration is directly evident in 'Aarhus by Night' (1989), which replays the making of 'Boys'.

He since moved on to depicting life as an adult in the autobiographical 'Pain of Love' (1992) and the literary adaption 'Barbara' (1997). He then followed up with 'Facing the Truth' (2002), 'Aching Hearts' (2009) and 'Sorrow and Joy' (2013), which Malmros has called his final film.

Malmros won four Danish Bodil Awards as well as six Danish Robert Awards. Selected for competition in Berlin were 'Beauty and the Beast' (1983), 'Pain of Love' (1992) and 'Barbara' (1997).
Filmography Music
Title Year Function Category
Interruption 2015 Script consultant DK/Short fiction
Sorrow and Joy 2013 Direction, Screenplay DK/Feature
Aching Hearts 2009 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Facing the Truth 2002 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Barbara 1997 Direction, Script, Continuity DK/Feature
Pain of Love 1992 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Århus by night 1989 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Beauty and the Beast 1983 Direction, Script DK/Feature
The Tree of Knowledge 1981 Direction, Script, Dubbing DK/Feature
Kammesjukjul 1978 Direction, Script, Sound TV film
Boys 1977 Direction, Script, Production, Sound DK/Feature
Lars Ole, 5c 1973 Direction, Script, Production, Editing, Musiklærer DK/Feature
En mærkelig kærlighed 1968 Direction, Script, Cinematography, Editing, Executive producer DK/Feature
Music Year Film Function
Velkomstsang 2002 At kende sandheden Songwriter
Regenssang 2002 At kende sandheden Songwriter
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