Nina Crone

(1947 – )

Producer and production manager. Born 31/10 1947, Denmark.

Owner of Crone Film for which she has produced approximately 30 features plus a number of television films, shorts and documentaries.

Nina Crone started working as a production assistant alongside her studies in Cultural Sociology at the University of Copenhagen in the early 1970s. She quickly left the university in favor of the film industry. In 1973, she founded the production company Crone Film with her then-husband Erik Crone. Among Crone Film''s first productions was Hans Christensen''s three films "The Escape" (1973), "Per" (1975) and "Dummy Partner" (1976) - all starring Ole Ernst. Erik Crone left the company in 1976, and Nina Crone continued in her own name.

Crone began her career as a production manager on Jørgen Leth''s experimental feature "Good and Evil" in 1975. In the same year, she produced her first feature, "Nothing but the Truth" by Henning Ørnbak. For years, she acted as both producer and production manager and was the only female producer of fiction features in Denmark. In the 1980s, she also produced TV series for DR, such as "Vores år" (1980), "Udvikling" (1982-83) and "The World of Buster" (1984) which was later edited into a feature.

In terms of genre, Nina Crone has ranged widely. She has produced experimental films ("Veronica''s Veil," 1977), historical features ("Peter von Scholten," 1987), thrillers ("Baby Doll," 1988) and children''s films ("The Little Rascals," 2003). She has also produced short fiction films ("Susanne Sillemann," 2000) and documentaries ("Well-Spring of My World," 1976).

Nina Crone works from a strong personal commitment both from herself and from the directors she works with. She''s interested in artistic quality films that aren''t necessarily causing long lines at the box office. She''s also had the courage to help new filmmakers on their way. For instance, she produced the debut films "Spring Tide" by Eddie Thomas Petersen (1990), "Freud''s Leaving Home" by Susanne Bier (1991) and "Agnus Dei" by Cæcilia Holbek Trier (1997). Since 2008, Crone Film has focused on animated children''s films, like the original "Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms" (2008) and adaptations of Ole Lund Kirkegaard''s children''s classics as "Freddy Frogface" (2011) and "Otto Is a Rhino" (2013).

In addition to her work as a producer, Nina Crone has held several honorary positions. She''s served as a board member of the Danish Producers'' Association (chairman since 2011), The European Film College and Copenhagen International Film Festival. She works as a ''production executive'' at the European Film Bonds and taught at the National Film School of Denmark in 1973-2001.

Title Year Function Category
Otto Is a Rhino 2013 Producer DK/Feature
Jelly T 2012 Producer DK/Feature
Memories of my melancholy whores 2012 Producer Feature
Freddy Frogface 2011 Producer DK/Feature
Sunshine Barry & The Disco Worms 2008 Executive producer DK/Feature
Return to Sender 2005 Expert: film finances DK/Feature
The Leap 2005 Line producer DK/Feature
The little rascals 2003 Production DK/Feature
Send mere slik 2001 Production DK/Feature
Susanne Sillemann 2000 Producer DK/Short fiction
No man''s land 2000 Producer: post-production DK/Feature
The Magnetist''s Fifth Winter 1999 Line producer supervisor DK/Feature
Agnus dei 1997 Production DK/Feature
A Scent of Paradise 1997 Line producer DK/Feature
The sunset boys 1995 Co-producer Feature
Jasper''s Ghost 1992 Production DK/Feature
Freud leaving home 1991 Producer''s assistant Feature
Spring Tide 1990 Production DK/Feature
Baby Doll 1988 Production DK/Feature
To som elsker hinanden 1988 Producer TV series
Peter von Scholten 1987 Producer DK/Feature
Take It Easy 1986 Production, Production manager DK/Feature
Valhalla 1986 Production consultant DK/Feature
The World of Buster 1984 Production DK/Feature
Tukuma 1984 Production, Production manager DK/Feature
The thoughtless lover 1982 Production, Production manager DK/Feature
Hjemlig hygge 1982 Production manager DK/Short fiction
Fugleskræmslet 1981 Producer DK/Short fiction
Through the Mirror 1980 Production DK/Feature
Vores år 1980 Producer TV series
Achilleshælen er mit våben 1979 Producer DK/Feature
Mirror, mirror 1978 Production DK/Feature
Did Somebody Laugh? 1978 Production manager DK/Feature
Children of pain 1977 Production manager DK/Feature
Veronica''s veil 1977 Production manager DK/Experimental
Dummy partner 1976 Production DK/Feature
Copper 1976 Production DK/Feature
Well-Spring of My World 1976 Production manager DK/Documentary
The Normans - a film about the vikings 1976 Production manager DK/Feature
Nothing But the Truth 1975 Production, Production manager DK/Feature
Good and evil 1975 Production manager DK/Experimental