Jonas Frederiksen

/B. 1973

Producer. Born 1973 in Denmark. Graduated as producer from The National Film School of Denmark in 1999 with the graduation film 'Little man', directed by Peter Schønau Fog.

During the years Jonas Frederiksen has produced a number of features. Among these are Simon Staho's two features 'Love is in the Air' (2011) and 'The Miracle' (2014) as well as Christina Rosendahl's 'The Idealist' (2015) and Charlotte Sieling's 'The Man' (2017).


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Film Year Function Category
Rivalene 2017 DK/Feature
The Idealist 2015 Producer DK/Feature
The Miracle 2014 Producer DK/Feature
You & Me Forever 2012 Associate producer DK/Feature
Love is in the air 2011 Producer DK/Feature
Warriors of love 2009 Producer Feature
Himlens hjärta 2008 Producer Feature
Daisy Diamond 2007 Executive producer DK/Feature
Bang bang orangutang 2005 Producer DK/Feature
Boomerang drengen 2004 Production DK/Documentary
Eiffeltornet 2004 Co-producer Short fiction
Dogville 2003 Line producer DK/Feature
Day and Night 2003 Creative producer DK/Feature
Charlie Butterfly 2002 Producer DK/Feature
Open Hearts 2002 Associate producer DK/Feature
Halalabad blues 2002 Associate producer DK/Feature
Family 2001 Producer DK/Documentary
Little Man 1999 Producer DK/Short fiction
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Awards and nominations

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Award Release year Festivals Film
Best Director:
Christina Rosendahl
2016 Beijing International Film Festival 2016 The Idealist
Best Actor:
Peter Plaugborg
2013 Montreal World Film Festival 2013 The Miracle
Audience Prize:
Simon Staho
2012 Seoul International Youth Film Festival 2012 Love is in the air
Best Innovative Cinematography:
Eigil Bryld
2003 Madrid Madridimagen 2003 Charlie Butterfly
Best Documentary 2003 Zanzibar Int. Film Festival 2003 Family
Audience Award 2002 Mannheim-Heidelberg, Int. Film Festival 2002 Charlie Butterfly
Dokumentarfilmpreis Des Bayerischen Rundfunks:
Sami Saif
Phie Ambo
2002 München Documentary Festival 2002 Family
Joris Ivens Award:
Sami Saif
Phie Ambo
2001 Amsterdam, IDFA 2001 Family
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Festival screenings

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Festivals Festival date Film
Moscow - Royal Danish Embassy 20-04-2016 The Idealist
Beijing International Film Festival 08-04-2016 The Idealist
Los Angeles Scandinavian Film Festival ASFLA 09-01-2016 The Idealist
Torino International Film Festival 20-11-2015 The Idealist
Leeds Int. Film Festival 04-11-2015 The Idealist
Lübeck, Nordische Filmtage 04-11-2015 The Idealist
Sao Paulo Int. Film Festival 22-10-2015 The Idealist
Mill Valley Film Festival, Film Inst. California 08-10-2015 The Idealist
Moscow - Royal Danish Embassy 15-04-2015 The Miracle
Lithuania Scanorama Film Forum 06-11-2014 The Miracle
Sao Paulo Int. Film Festival 16-10-2014 The Miracle
Transilvania International Film Festival 30-05-2014 The Miracle
Chicago International Film Festival 10-10-2013 The Miracle
Montreal World Film Festival 22-08-2013 The Miracle
Jyväskylä, Nordic Glory Festival Association 14-02-2013 Love is in the air
Kilkenny European Subtitle Film Festival 19-11-2012 Love is in the air
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 13-11-2012 Love is in the air
Helsinki Film Festival 15-09-2012 Love is in the air
Seoul International Youth Film Festival 23-08-2012 Love is in the air
Taipei Film Festival 29-06-2012 Love is in the air
Festival Mix Milano 22-06-2012 Love is in the air
Transilvania International Film Festival 01-06-2012 Love is in the air
Göteborg HBTQ festivalen 30-05-2012 Love is in the air
Moscow - Royal Danish Embassy 10-05-2012 Love is in the air
Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival 24-04-2012 Love is in the air
Berlinale 09-02-2012 Love is in the air
Göteborg International Film Festival 27-01-2012 Love is in the air
Chicago International Film Festival 06-10-2011 Love is in the air
Toronto, Hot Docs Int. Documentary Festival 29-04-2010 Family
Vilnius International Film Festival 18-03-2010 Warriors of love
London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 17-03-2010 Warriors of love
Göteborg International Film Festival 29-01-2010 Warriors of love
SAGA NORDICA Paris Cine Nordica 16-12-2009 Warriors of love
Denver International Film Festival 12-11-2009 Warriors of love
Kiev Molodist Int. Film Festival 24-10-2009 Warriors of love
Hamburg FilmFest GmbH 24-09-2009 Warriors of love
Locarno, Festival internazionale del film 05-08-2009 Warriors of love
Damascus Dox Box Festival 04-03-2009 Family
Oporto, Fantasporto 25-02-2008 Bang bang orangutang
Lisbon Int. Documentary Film Festival 18-10-2007 Family
Grimstad, Norwegian Short and Documentary Film Festival 01-06-2007 Family
Helsinki Doc Point Documentary Film Festival 24-01-2007 Family
Havana International FF of New Latin Cinema 05-12-2006 Bang bang orangutang
Lithuania Scanorama Film Forum 11-11-2006 Bang bang orangutang
New York Scandinavian House 21-10-2006 Family
Santo Domingo International Film Festival 19-10-2006 Bang bang orangutang
Hamburg FilmFest GmbH 05-10-2006 Bang bang orangutang
Montreal World Film Festival 24-08-2006 Bang bang orangutang
Jerusalem Int. Film Festival 06-07-2006 Bang bang orangutang
Frankfurt Deutsches Filmmuseum 10-04-2006 Family
Rouen, Fest. du Cinema Nordique 15-03-2006 Bang bang orangutang
Buenos Aires, Mar Del Plata Int. FF 09-03-2006 Bang bang orangutang
Göteborg International Film Festival 27-01-2006 Bang bang orangutang
Cinevita Film Company aps 11-01-2006 Family
Havana International FF of New Latin Cinema 06-12-2005 Bang bang orangutang
Bratislava International Film Festival 02-12-2005 Bang bang orangutang
Oslo International Film Festival 17-11-2005 Bang bang orangutang
Chicago International Film Festival 06-10-2005 Bang bang orangutang
San Sebastian International Film Festival 15-09-2005 Bang bang orangutang
South Film Festival, Sderot Cinematheque 30-05-2005 Family
ZagrebDox 22-02-2005 Family
EDN seminar Calcutta 01-04-2004 Family
Bratislava, One World International Film Festival 05-11-2003 Family
Madrid Madridimagen 20-10-2003 Charlie Butterfly
Zanzibar Int. Film Festival 28-06-2003 Family
Reykjavik Shorts&Docs 30-04-2003 Family
Volda The Norwegian Documentary Festival 30-04-2003 Family
Jeonju International Film Festival 25-04-2003 Family
Prague, One World Human Rights Film Festival 08-04-2003 Family
Portland Nordic Film Festival 05-04-2003 Family
Seattle Nordic Film Festival 28-03-2003 Family
Rom, Filmstudio 80 28-03-2003 Family
Creteil, Festival Films De Femmes 21-03-2003 Family
Rouen, Fest. du Cinema Nordique 12-03-2003 Family
Los Angeles Scandinavian Film Festival ASFLA 31-01-2003 Family
Sheffield Documentary Tour 10-01-2003 Family
Taipei Taiwan Int. Documentary Film Festival 06-12-2002 Family
Edinburgh Modern Vikings 29-11-2002 Family
Palm Springs Festival of Festivals 21-11-2002 Family
Montréal Rencontres Int. Du Documentaire 15-11-2002 Family
Mannheim-Heidelberg, Int. Film Festival 07-11-2002 Charlie Butterfly
Los Angeles, AFI Int. Festival 07-11-2002 Family
Mexico Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica 29-10-2002 Family
Sheffield Doc/Fest 21-10-2002 Family
Bergen International Film festival 17-10-2002 Family
Berlin Prix Europa Festival 12-10-2002 Family
Tempo Dokumentärfestival 11-10-2002 Family
Vancouver International Film Festival 26-09-2002 Family
Oulu Nordisk Panorama 24-09-2002 Family
Oslo Input, NRK Kompetenseavdelingen 16-09-2002 Family
Toronto International Film Festival 06-09-2002 Family
Rønne Balticum Film & TV Festival 21-08-2002 Family
Baastad Lilla Filmfestivalen 01-08-2002 Family
Cape Town, Encounters South African Int. Documentary Film Festival 21-07-2002 Family
New Zealand Film Festival 12-07-2002 Family
Paris Cinéma d'aujourd'hui 02-07-2002 Family
Grimstad, Norwegian Short and Documentary Film Festival 13-06-2002 Family
Lisbon Int. Documentary Film Festival 01-06-2002 Family
Rotterdam Input 2002 19-05-2002 Family
Beijing International TV Festival 09-05-2002 Family
München Documentary Festival 27-04-2002 Family
Nyon, Visions du Réel 22-04-2002 Family
Tel Aviv Docaviv Int. Documentary Film Festival 17-04-2002 Family
Göteborg International Film Festival 25-01-2002 Family
Amsterdam, IDFA 22-11-2001 Family
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