Anders Vadgaard Christensen


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Film Year Function Category
Pistol 2016 DK/Short fiction
Life Is Sacred 2015 Associate producer DK/Documentary
Democrats 2014 Colorgrading DK/Documentary
Best Man 2013 Colorgrading DK/Short fiction
Yolo 2013 Colorgrading DK/Short fiction
Shanne and Her Friends 2012 Colorgrading DK/Documentary
Shanne 2:5 - Seks uger uden Emma 2012 Colorgrading DK/Documentary
Shanne 1:5 - Alene i klassen 2012 Colorgrading DK/Documentary
Shanne 3:5 - En helt ny klasse 2012 Colorgrading DK/Documentary
Shanne 4:5 - Skænderier med Emma 2012 Colorgrading DK/Documentary
Shanne 5:5 - Nye og gamle venner 2012 Colorgrading DK/Documentary
The Detective 1:3 2012 Colorgrading DK/Documentary
The Detective 2:3 2012 Colorgrading DK/Documentary
The Detective 3:3 2012 Colorgrading DK/Documentary
A Hipstory 2012 Colorgrading DK/Short fiction
Ladyboy 2011 Online and colorgrading DK/Short fiction
Vote for change 2009 Colorist DK/Documentary
The Wild Swans 2009 Avid-assistant DK/Feature
Cairo garbage 2009 Grading DK/Documentary
Cathrine 2008 Colorgrading DK/Short fiction
Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen: Music is a Monster 2007 Online editor DK/Documentary
Big plans 2005 Assistant editor DK/Feature
We are the champions 2005 Trailer editor & about the movie DK/Feature
Nynne 2005 Assistant editor DK/Feature
The bouncer 2003 Assistant editor DK/Feature
Regel nr. 1 2003 Trailer editor & about the movie DK/Feature
Halalabad blues 2002 Assistant editor DK/Feature
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