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Film Year Function Category
First Class - A Film About Storm P. 2015 Music DK/Documentary
Solén - I always remember daddy 2013 Music DK/Short fiction
Jamila - if only I could fly 2013 Music DK/Short fiction
A Little Film on Pixies 2009 Music DK/Documentary
Herlev vor by 2006 Music DK/Documentary
War and Peas 2006 Music DK/Short fiction
Peter Laugesen - fire stemmer 2004 Appearance DK/Documentary
Storm P. Inventions 2001 Music DK/Documentary
A place nearby 2000 Music DK/Feature
Anna 2000 Music DK/Feature
Sparekassen 2000 Music TV film
H.C. Andersen og den skæve skygge 1998 Music DK/Feature
Bryggeren 1996 Music TV series
Abort - et ensomt valg 1996 Music DK/Documentary
Gotha - kult, kitsch og b-film 1996 Appearance TV series
Snooks in the Limelight 1994 Music DK/Feature
Strenge tider 1994 Music TV series
How we got our neighbours 1993 Music DK/Short fiction
Andersens julehemmelighed 1993 Music TV series
The Snooks 1992 Music DK/Feature
I mørke 1992 Music DK/Short fiction
Mørklægning 1992 Music TV series
Kald mig Liva 1992 Music TV series
The Hideaway 1991 Music DK/Feature
Lille dreng på Østerbro - en film om by og barndom 1991 Music DK/Documentary
The Wonderful World of Bjarne and Britta 1991 Composer TV series
War of the birds 1990 Music DK/Feature
Bjarne og Britas vidunderlige verden 1-5 1990 Music DK/Short fiction
Waltzing Regitze 1989 Music DK/Feature
A Journey towards Birth 1989 Music DK/Short fiction
Morten maler 1989 Music DK/Short fiction
Danish Symphony 1988 Music DK/Documentary
Danmarks Industrialisering 1 1988 Music DK/Documentary
Danmarks Industrialisering 2 1988 Music DK/Documentary
Danmarks industrialisering 3 1988 Music DK/Documentary
Danmarks industrialisering 4 1988 Music DK/Documentary
Hip hip hurrah 1987 Music Feature
Subway To Paradise 1987 Music DK/Feature
Et legende menneske 1987 Music DK/Documentary
Between borders 1986 Music DK/Short fiction
Hvor der er vilje, er der vej 1986 Composer TV film
Trylle og tøjdyrene 1 - Den gyldne ring 1985 Music DK/Short fiction
Samson and Sally 1984 Music DK/Short fiction
Tukuma 1984 Music DK/Feature
Haiti Express 1983 Music DK/Feature
Brødrene Øbberbøv 1983 Music TV series
Kidnapping 1982 Music DK/Feature
Three angels and five lions 1982 Music DK/Feature
Danmark - Dit og mit 1982 Music DK/Documentary
Ny dansk energi 1982 Music DK/Documentary
Maj 1982 Music TV film
Opfinderkontoret 1982 Music TV series
Børn 1982 Music TV series
Hjem 1982 Music TV film
Sigurd Fafnersbane 1981 Music DK/Short fiction
Dansk naturgas 1981 Music TV series
Pardon us for living 1980 Music DK/Feature
Vores år 1980 Music TV series
You and me and the three of us 1979 Music DK/Experimental
Der blev mit hjerte barn 1979 DK/Documentary
En bryllupsnat 1979 Music TV film
In my life 1978 Music DK/Feature
Ret beset 1978 Music TV series
Halli hallo 1978 Music TV film
De vægelsindede 1978 Music TV film
Louises hus 1977 Music TV film
Tre søstre 1977 Music TV film
Dummy partner 1976 Music DK/Feature
The double man 1976 Music DK/Feature
En by i provinsen 1976 Music TV series
Prenez le Comme un Homme 1975 Music DK/Feature
Aladdin eller Den forunderlige lampe 1975 Music TV series
Dr. Lemmas problem 1975 Music TV film
Fader min 1975 Music TV film
Jo værre, jo bedre 1975 Music TV film
Historiebogen 6: Midlertidige løsninger på problemerne 1974 Music DK/Documentary
Hudegrunden, Vesterbro 1974 Music DK/Documentary
Historiebogen 5: Triumfens symfoni 1974 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Historiebogen 8: Natten er dyster 1974 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Anderledes erindringer 1973 Music DK/Documentary
Historiebogen 3: Fremtiden er lys ... for nogen 1973 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Smil mand! 1972 Music DK/Feature
Kina i Danmark 1972 Music DK/Short fiction
Historiebogen 2: I daggryet trodses alle farer 1972 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Acht Stunden sind kein Tag 1972 Music TV series
Historiebogen 4: Blodige forberedelser 1972 Voiceover DK/Documentary
The tar-dealer 1971 Music DK/Feature
Concerning Lone 1970 Music DK/Feature
Livet er en cirkus 1969 Music DK/Documentary
On the Track of the Bog People 1969 Music DK/Documentary
Må jeg lege med? 1968 Music TV film
Boxiganga 1967 Music DK/Documentary
Evolution Music DK/Experimental
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