Nominations for the Danish Critics' Bodil Awards 2020 announced

BODIL AWARDS. Claustrophobic disaster film 'Cutterhead', Sundance-winner 'Queen of Hearts' and Tokyo-winner 'Uncle' are among the nominees for Best Danish Film at this year's Bodil Awards, held by the Danish film critics on 29 February.

Seven films received either three or four nominations for the Danish Film Critics' Bodil Awards in February.

The claustrophobic disaster film 'Cutterhead' by debutant Rasmus Kloster Bro, shot on location in the Danish metro tunnels, received a nomination for best film as well as two actor nods. Kloster Bro received a nomination for the talent prize.

Frelle Petersen's second feature, 'Uncle', about a young woman taking care of her disabled uncle at his farmhouse in rural Denmark, will be competing for best film. The drama, which took home the main prize at Toyko Film Festival, also received two actor nods.

Also nominated in the top category is Frederikke Aspöck's box-office success 'Out of Tune', about a celebrity financier who is taken into custody for fraud and enrolls in the prison choir, where a power struggle begins. 

The other two nominees for best Danish film are Sundance-winner 'Queen of Hearts' by May el-Toukhy and Toronto-selected 'Before the Frost' by Michael Noer. 

All five features are widely represented in the acting categories alongside films such as Ulaa Salim's critically acclaimed 'Sons of Denmark', about the aftermath of a Danish terror attack, and the drama 'Daniel', based on the true story of photographer Daniel Rye who was taken hostage by ISIS. 

The category for best documentary includes 'Forget Me Not' by Sun Hee Engelstoft, Berlinale-selected 'Western Arabs' by Omar Shargawi, two features by Emil Langballe, 'Q's Barbershop' and 'A Married Couple', and 'Winter's Yearning' by Sidse Torstholm Larsen and Sturla Pilskog. All films were selected for CPH:DOX last year.

The Bodil Awards are held on 29 February. See all the nominations below: 

Best feature

  • 'Cutterhead'
  • 'Out of Tune'
  • 'Queen of Hearts'
  • 'Before the Frost'
  • 'Uncle'

Leading Actress

  • Christine Sønderis, 'Cutterhead'

  • Jette Søndergaard, 'Uncle'
  • Lisa Carlehed, 'Until We Fall'
  • Trine Dyrholm, 'Queen of Hearts'
  • Victoria Carmen Sonne, 'Neon Heart'

Leading Actor

  • Esben Smed, 'Daniel'

  • Jacob Lohmann, 'Out of Tune'
  • Jesper Christensen, 'Before the Frost'
  • Mohammed Ismail Mohammed, 'Sons of Denmark'
  • Zaki Youssef, 'Sons of Denmark'

Supporting Actress

  • Asil Mohamad Habib, 'Sons of Denmark'

  • Christiane Gjellerup Koch, 'Daniel'
  • Clara Rosager, 'Before the Frost'
  • Sofie Torp, 'Daniel'
  • Tuva Novotny, 'The Suicide Tourist'

Supporting Actor

  • Anders Matthesen, 'Out of Tune'

  • Gustav Lindh, 'Queen of Hearts'
  • Kresimir Mikic, 'Cutterhead'
  • Magnus Krepper, 'Queen of Hearts'
  • Peter H. Thygesen, 'Uncle'

Best Documentary

  • 'A Married Couple' (Emil Langballe)

  • 'Forget Me Not' (Sun Hee Engelstoft)
  • 'Winter's Yearning' (Sidse Torstholm Larsen, Sturla Pilskog)
  • 'Q’s Barbershop' (Emil Langballe)
  • 'Western Arabs' (Omar Shargawi)

Best American Feature

  • 'First Reformed'

  • 'Joker'
  • 'Marriage Story'
  • 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'
  • 'The Irishman'

Best Non-American Feature

  • 'Capernaum'

  • 'Parasite'
  • 'Pain and Glory'
  • 'Sorry We Missed You'
  • 'The Favourite'

Talent Prize

  • Jesper Fink, screenwriter (‘Before the Frost’)

  • Louise McLaughlin, cinematographer (‘Resin’, ‘Out of Tune’)
  • Rasmus Kloster Bro, director (‘Cutterhead’)
  • Sofie Torp, actress (‘Daniel)
  • Ulaa Salim, director (‘Sons of Denmark’)