Lille Tut

Maria Mac Dalland, Denmark, 2024

Series (fiction)Children's films

Tiny Toot lives with her cat Gato, her brother Hugo and mom and dad – and also the Elf, who lives in a mouse hole in the wall. Elf is a wonderful magician and every day he invites Tiny Toot and Gato on a new adventure in the nature. Tiny Toot is always ready to go and together they expectantly fly away in Elf’s little organichopper…
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Production company Toolbox Film, Den Vestdanske Filmpulje, Nordisk Film & TV Fond
Co-production Ja Film
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut
In collaboration with Danmarks Radio, NRK, RÚV, SVT, YLE


Direction Maria Mac Dalland
Casting Tone Tarding


Screenplay Maria Mac Dalland
Screenplay Morten Kaufmann
Storyboard Rasmus Brinck
Storyboard Pedro Ivo Carvalho
Idea Maria Mac Dalland


Producer Morten Kaufmann
Line producer Lise Uldbjerg Jørgensen
Co-producer Anders Berthelsen
Production manager Julie Peitersen
Producer's assistant Rosa Flindt Riis-Hansen


Rigger Edith Bach
Rigger Sabrina Macarena Macho


Music Sille Grønberg
Music Palle Windfeld
Singing Sille Grønberg
Singing Palle Windfeld
Musician Jesper Sveidahl


Sound designer Mark Norup
Sound assistant Marius Norup


Design Edda Hrönn Kristinsdottir
Background designer Sofie Louise Dam
Rigger Edith Bach
Rigger Sabrina Macarena
Animation Mie F. Y. Pedersen
Animation Edith Bach
Animation Stine Harbo Dalsgaard
Animation Louise Sørensen
Animation Pedro Ivo Carvalho
Character design Edda Hrönn Kristinsdottir
Background artist Sofie Louise Dam
Prop designer Sofie Louise Dam
Lead animator Ingeborg Dena Faber
Compositor Maria Mac Dalland
Compositor Sabrina Macarena Macho
Animation Rasmus Brinck

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