Loving Pia

Daniel Joseph Borgman, Denmark, 2017

100 min.DK/FeatureDrama

A work of fiction, the film is developed from the life of – and starring – a real woman, Pia, who is intellectually disabled. Pia is 60 years old and she lives in rural Denmark in the care of her mother Guittou, 84. In the story, Guittou is getting old, and Pia worries about what will happen when her mother dies. She is afraid of being left alone. Although Pia has never had a boyfriend, she thinks that she needs to find a man to love in order to survive. Then Pia meets a man called Jens at the harbour. Pia embarks on a quiet and simple relationship with him, not realising that in the meantime it is her mother who is left alone.
Basic information Credits Materials
Original title At elske Pia
Danish title At elske Pia
Director Daniel Joseph Borgman
Screenplay Daniel Joseph Borgman
Producer Katja Adomeit
Director of Photography Daniel Joseph Borgman, Catherine Pattinama Coleman
Editor Sofie Marie Kristensen, Daniel Joseph Borgman
Sound Sigrid D.P.A. Jensen, Mark Vesterskov, Dan Isager Nielsen, Katja Adomeit, Daniel Joseph Borgman, Lars Iversen, Anne Gry Friis Kristensen, Philip Nicolai Flindt
Casting Daniel Joseph Borgman, Katja Adomeit, Sven Vinge, Tanja Grunwald
Appearance Pia Skovgaard, Céline Skovgaard, Jens Jensen, Putte Jensen
Production country Denmark
Danish subtitles Yes
Domestic distribution Angel Scandinavia
International sales Adomeit Film ApS
Danish theatrical release 06.07.2017
Cinemas Vester Vov Vov;
Grand Teatret;
Café Biografen;
Øst for Paradis;
Scala 1-2-3-4;
Biffen Nordkraft;
Nicolai Biograf og Café;
Baltoppen Bio;
Valby Kino;
Bio Langeland;
Biografen Kanten;
CinemaxX Odense;
Apollon, Struer;
Humle Bio;
Biffen Odder;
Kino Vino, Nyborg - m.fl
Comment Second feature film by New Zealand-born Daniel Borgman, selected for Berlinale Forum 2017. Borgman’s feature debut, The Weight of Elephants (2013), was also selected for Berlinale Forum.
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company
Executive Producer Adomeit Film ApS
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, FilmFyn, Creative Europe
Domestic distribution Angel Scandinavia


Direction Daniel Joseph Borgman
Casting Daniel Joseph Borgman
Casting Katja Adomeit
Casting Sven Vinge
Casting Tanja Grunwald
Research Cæcilie Østerby Sørensen
Consultant Franz Rodenkirchen
Assistant director Lars Iversen


Screenplay Daniel Joseph Borgman


Producer Katja Adomeit
Line producer Sune Lolk
Producer''s assistant Annette Averhoff
Producer''s assistant Maj Skifter
Producer''s assistant Sofie Brandt
Runner Rune Lindholm


Cinematographer Daniel Joseph Borgman
Cinematographer Catherine Pattinama Coleman
First assistant camera Rasmus Gaardhøje
First assistant camera Thue Garde Finnich


Editor Sofie Marie Kristensen
Editor Daniel Joseph Borgman
Assistant editor Oliver Lindboe
Assistant editor Lárus Ren Gudbjörnsson
Assistant editor Lisa Svelmøe
Assistant editor Lars Hall


Sound engineer Sigrid D.P.A. Jensen
Sound engineer Mark Vesterskov
Sound engineer Dan Isager Nielsen
Sound engineer Katja Adomeit
Sound engineer Daniel Joseph Borgman
Sound engineer Lars Iversen
Sound designer Anne Gry Friis Kristensen
Sound designer Philip Nicolai Flindt
Foley artist Julien Naudin

Visual effects

Colourist Jon Baxter
Graphic design Åsmund Sollihøgda


Pia Pia Skovgaard
Pias Mor Céline Skovgaard
Manden Jens Jensen
Søsteren Putte Jensen
Værkstedsgården Randi Sørensen
Værkstedsgården Gitte Nielsen
Værkstedsgården Michael Henriksen
Værkstedsgården Nguyen Van Phan
Værkstedsgården Thi My Chau Nguyen
Værkstedsgården Berit Wolf Kristensen
Værkstedsgården Mads Averhoff
Værkstedsgården Andreas Naum
Værkstedsgården Lone Kastrup
Statist fra Værkstedsgården Kim Jensen
Statist fra Værkstedsgården Bo Andersen
Statist fra Værkstedsgården Nina Maria Lykke Bach
Statist fra Værkstedsgården Lise-Lotte Klinge
Statist fra Værkstedsgården Jørgen Capello
Statist fra Værkstedsgården Peter Rasmussen
Bostedsmedarbejder Conny Ramshøj Nielsen

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Reviews and articles

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Type Source Author Date
Anmeldelse Berlingske Tidende Wendt Jensen, Jacob 2017-06-15
Artikel Morgenavisen Jyllandsposten Enggaard, Michael 2017-02-12
Anmeldelse Information Nikolajsen, Lone
Anmeldelse Morgenavisen Jyllandsposten Frank Rasmussen, Nanna
Anmeldelse Politiken-Fonden Vinterberg, Søren
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