Caroline Sascha Cogez, Denmark, 2014

46 min.DK/Short fictionDrama

Lulu loves Henrik. There's no doubt in her mind; "What are we waiting for?". She is a gallery owner, and he is one of her main clients. Henrik is crazy about Lulu as well. However, he is married to Sophia, with whom he runs his business. Henrik invites Lulu to stay with him in his mansion in France. A vacation for the two of them. A new beginning perhaps. But the idyllic adventure in France is disrupted, when Henrik and Sophia's queer son David unexpectedly shows up to prepare for his boarding school exams. David longs for his father's recognition, but behind Henrik's back he's manipulative and mean towards Lulu. When Lulu asks Henrik to get rid of David, he won't. Through the mutual spite towards each other's presence, Lulu and David engage in a fight for the love of the same man, and as a result, a special love/hate relationship emerges. This takes them on an adventure, rendering extraordinary life changing consequences for all three of them.
Basic information Credits
Original title Lulu
Danish title Lulu
Keywords Jealousy, Relationship, Father-son relation
Director Caroline Sascha Cogez
Screenplay Caroline Sascha Cogez, Tone Mygind Rostbøll
Producer Birgitte Skov
Director of Photography Magnus Nordenhof Jønck
Editor Nanna Frank Møller
Sound Jakob Garfield
Composer Mads Heldtberg
Production designer Marco Melaragni
Appearance Malin Crépin, Jens Jørn Spottag, Andreas Holm Dittmer, Louis-Ronan Choisy
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
Danish festival release 10.04.2014, CPH:PIX
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company SF Film Production ApS
Co-production Fluxus Films
With support from New Danish Screen, Région Rhône-Alpes


Direction Caroline Sascha Cogez
Casting: Denmark Gro Metha Therp
Casting: Sweden Jeanette Klintberg
Extras coordinator Sofia El Idrissi El Yacoubi
Translator Anne Sophie Bosc
Translator Malin Waak
Translator Mirjam Egeris Karstoft


Screenplay Caroline Sascha Cogez
Screenplay Tone Mygind Rostbøll
Consultant Anna Goldblum Treiman


Producer Birgitte Skov
Co-producer Gaëlle Mareschi
Co-producer Sophie Heurzeau
Unit manager Bjørn Kopp
Line producer Rasmus Kastberg
Production manager Eric Martin
Executive producer Karoline Leth
Executive producer Michael Fleischer
Line producer: Development Karin Trolle
Producer: development Signe Leick Jensen
Location scout Olivier Fernandez
Location scout Nicolas Porte
Production assistant Lina Flint
Production assistant Jakob Langkjær
Location manager Neil Moriceau
Runner Neil Moriceau
Runner Claire Beaume
Runner Romain Pellet
Runner Adrien Givois
Runner Morgane Peron
Runner Nicolas Porte
Runner Elodie Philippon
Runner Jessica Costanzo
Post-producton coordinator Mette Tornbjerg
Post-producton coordinator Lise Orheim Stender
Coordinator Signe Baasch
Post-producton coordinator Maggie Winther Hansen


Director of Photography Magnus Nordenhof Jønck
First assistant camera Gitte Gammelgaard
DIT Thomas Rames

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Cyril Bossard
Best boy Julien Olivari
Assistant lighting technician Thibault Demond


Editor Nanna Frank Møller
Assistant editor Tine Rønde Jensen
Assistant editor Sofus Peder Faber Laursen
Editing supervisor Åsa Mossberg


Composer Mads Heldtberg
Vocalist Kathrine Mills Rymer
Vocalist Adele Jacques

Production design

Production designer Marco Melaragni
Property master Chloé Zobel
Assistant set dresser Camille Fernandez
Drawings Maria Torp


Costume designer Gabi Humnicki
Costume on set Lila Cousin


Makeup artist Louise Bruun
Makeup artist Maëla Gervais
Hairdresser Anne Cathrine Sauerberg


Sound designer Jakob Garfield
Sound recordist Pablo Salaün
Boom operator Agnes Szabó
B-sound designer: post-production Andreas Kongsgaard

Visual effects

Colourist Peter Diemar
Online Rasmus Toft
Graphic design Morten Skytte
VFX artist Camilla Hägg
VFX artist Lasse Strøm


Lulu Malin Crépin
Henrik Jens Jørn Spottag
David Andreas Holm Dittmer
Gademusikant Louis-Ronan Choisy
Sophia Ellen Hillingsø
Kasper Sigurd Holmen Le Dous
Taxichauffør Didier Laval
Datter Ladislawa Laval

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