Petey and Ginger - A Testament to the Awesomeness of Mankind

Ada Bligaard Søby, Denmark, 2012

58 min.DK/Documentary

Petey and Ginger are two Americans trying to find a life worth living in the era of failing economy. The film is an intimate portray on how to survive in a dreamland on the verge of going down. »Petey & Ginger« elegantly and honestly documents two very real characters who semi-happily live on the fringes of I-don't-really-give-a-fuckville-and-that's-okay-ish. Filmmaker Ada Bligaard Søby invites us into her ongoing infatuation with the treasure that is the blissfully detached lives of American Losers.
Basic information Credits
Original title Petey and Ginger - A Testament to the Awesomeness of Mankind
Danish title Petey og Ginger - og finanskrisen i Amerika
Keywords Financial crisises, Americans, Social describtions, Social conditions, Social economy, USA, 2010-2019
Director Ada Bligaard Søby
Screenplay Ada Bligaard Søby, Dunja Gry Jensen
Producer Morten Kjems Juhl
Director of Photography Adam Nilsson, Ada Bligaard Søby
Editor Charlotte Munch Bengtsen
Appearance Ginger Partington, Peter Dammit
Production country Denmark
International sales Beofilm I/S
Danish festival release 01.11.2012, Grand, CPH:DOX 2012. Desuden vist i Gloria og Vester Vov Vov.
TV release 21.11.2012, DR K
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company Beofilm
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, Svenska Filminstitutet, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Danmarks Radio, SVT, NRK
In collaboration with Silverosa Film, Nakes Edge Films, Smog Veil Films, Film i Skåne


Direction Ada Bligaard Søby


Screenplay Ada Bligaard Søby
Screenplay Dunja Gry Jensen


Producer Morten Kjems Juhl
Co-producer Anna Byvald
Associate producer Frank Mauceri
Producer consultant Daniel J. Chalfen
Executive producer Morten Revsgaard Frederiksen
Executive producer Peter Hyldahl
Executive producer Charlotte Munch Bengtsen
Executive producer Ada Bligaard Søby
Co-executive producer Jim Butterworth
Production supervisor (New York) Jamila Wignot
Production manager: San Francisco Justin Barker
Production manager: San Francisco Annie Southworth
Producer's assistant Katrine Brandt
Post-producton coordinator Signe Baasch


Cinematographer Adam Nilsson
Cinematographer Ada Bligaard Søby
First assistant camera Eric Bauer


Editor Charlotte Munch Bengtsen


Musical consultant Anders-Peter Andreasen
Musical consultant Kirsteen MacLean
Musical consultant Jeppe Kaltoft


Sound Roar Skau Olsen

Visual effects

Colourist Adalsteinn Hallgrimsson
Online Kasper Folman


Appearance Ginger Partington
Appearance Peter Dammit

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