Valhalla Rising

Nicolas Winding Refn, Denmark, 2009

100 min.DK/Feature

For years, One-Eye, a mute warrior of supernatural strength, has been held prisoner by the chieftain Barde. Aided by a boy, Are, he kills his captor and together they escape, beginning a journey into the heart of darkness.
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Original title Valhalla Rising
Danish title Valhalla Rising
Other titles Danish feature films - selection
Director Nicolas Winding Refn
Screenplay Nicolas Winding Refn, Roy Jacobsen
Producer Johnny Andersen, Bo Ehrhardt, Henrik Danstrup
Director of Photography Morten Søborg
Editor Mat Newman, Tanya Fallenius
Sound Douglas MacDougall, Giles Lamb
Composer Peter Kyed, Peter Peter
Production designer Laurel Wear
Casting Des Hamilton
Appearance Mads Mikkelsen, Maarten Stevenson, Gary Lewis, Ewan Stewart
Production country Denmark, United Kingdom, Norway, France
Dialogue language English
Domestic distribution Scanbox
International sales Wild Bunch
Danish festival release 17.03.2010, Grand, Pix programlaunch & Valhalla rising.
Danish theatrical release 31.03.2010
Cinemas Grand, Café Biografen (Odense), Biffen (Aalborg), Øst for Paradis (Århus)
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 15
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Production company One Eye Production
Domestic distribution Scanbox


Direction Nicolas Winding Refn
Casting Des Hamilton
Casting assistant Kimberley O'Neill
Casting assistant Claire Catterson
1st assistant director Ronaldo Nacionales
1st assistant director Nickie Sault
2nd assistant director Alison Goring
3rd assistant director Will Cummins
3rd assistant director Marissa Carrara
Extras coordinator Ruth Coulter
Casting assistant Caroline Stewart
Extras coordinator Laura Donnelly
Continuity Dolina Macfarlane


Script Nicolas Winding Refn
Script Roy Jacobsen
Script consultant Dolina Macfarlane
Additional screenplay assistance Matthew Read


Producer Johnny Andersen
Producer Bo Ehrhardt
Producer Henrik Danstrup
Co-producer Karen Smyth
Assisting producer Eva Jakobsen
Executive producer Lene Børglum
Executive producer Carole Sheridan
Executive producer Linda James
Executive producer Joni Sighvatsson
Executive producer Mads Peter Ole Olsen
Executive producer Christine Alderson
Executive producer Yves Chevalier
Executive producer Thorir Sigurjónsson
Production manager Suzanne Reid
Production coordinator Victoria Dabbs
Location manager Duncan Muggoch
Production manager Matt Jones
Technical coodinator: post-production Fiona Cairns
Production supervisor: post-production Jeanette Haley
Production supervisor: post-production Emma Zee
Production coordinator: post-production Siobhan Boyes
Head of tecnical unit Andreas Rostock
Producer's assistant Jacob Jarek
Producer's assistant Claudia Siesbye
P.A. to director Anna Griffin
P.A. to director Saskia Pomeroy


Cinematography Morten Søborg
Camera assistant Jon Priddle
2nd assistant camera Anna James
Video assistant Angus Thomson
DIT producer Julie Harding
DIT Paul J. Wright
DIT Michele De Benedetti


Stills Dean Rogers
Stills Joanne Irvine

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Freddie Bonfanti
Assistant lighting technician Patrick Murray
Gaffer Derrick Ritchie
Best boy Ian Harrison
Best boy Alan Jaap


Editing Mat Newman
Editor Tanya Fallenius


Music Peter Kyed
Music Peter Peter

Production design

Production design Laurel Wear
Art director Allie Milligan
Art director Natalie Astridge
Assistant production designer Wendy Cairns
Standby props Dave Ramsay
Assistant set dresser Dan MacDonell
Standby construction Colin Macinnes
Assistant production designer Frank Boyd
Assistant production designer John Patterson
Assistant production designer James Tannock
Assistant production designer Mark Di Meo
Set dresser Berengere Chabanis
Set dresser Kenneth Daniel
Set dresser Ufuk Gueray
Set dresser Maria Ledinskaya
Set dresser Suzanne McAleer
Set dresser Daniel McConnell
Set dresser Aoife McKim
Set dresser Robert Mitchell
Set dresser Pauline O'Donnell
Set dresser Alan Reid
Set dresser Federico Redaelli
Set dresser Kate Robertson
Construction manager Bob Barclay
Construction manager Christian Fenwicke-Clennell
Construction manager Dave More


Wardrobe Gill Horn
Costume supervisor Kathryn Tart
Costume assistant Camille Moohan
Costume on set Alison J. Johnston
Costume on set Dena Thanopoulos


Makeup Niamh Morrison
Hair and makeup artist Maxine Dallas
Assistant hair and makeup artist Jessica Cruickshank
Hair and makeup artist Hollie Armstrong
Hair and makeup artist Lily Beckett
Hair and makeup artist Barbara Findlay
Hair and makeup artist Fiona Harvey
Hair and makeup artist Nicole Stafford


Sound Douglas MacDougall
Foley artist Michael MacKinnon
Sound designer Giles Lamb
Dialogue editor Howard Halsall
Sound mixer Chris Sinclair
Sound mixer and foley artist Iain Anderson
Sound assistant Tom Griffiths
Coordinator Linda Wylie
Recording Cameron Mercer
Recording engineer Cameron Mercer

Visual effects

VFX Myfanwy Harris
VFX James Ballard
VFX Edd Andrews
Colorist Robert May
Colorist Martin Scoones


Stunt coordinator Julian Spencer
Stunt coordinator Tony Lucken
Stunt performer Rob Cooper
Stunt performer James Embree
Stunt performer Rick English
Stunt performer James Grogan
Stunt performer Mike Lambert
Stunt performer Guy List
Stunt performer Erol Mehmet

Other credits

Historical consultant Allan MacQuarrie
Research Mette Sø


One Eye Mads Mikkelsen
Pagan Maarten Stevenson
Christian viking Gary Lewis
Christian viking Ewan Stewart
Christian viking Andrew Flanagan
Christian viking James Ramsey
Christian viking Jamie Sives
Pagan Alexander Morton
Pagan Stewart Porter
Pagan Matthew Zajac
Christian viking Rony Bridges
Christian viking Robert Harrison
Christian viking Andy Nicolson
Christian viking Douglas Russell
Christian viking Garry Sweeney
Indian Tashi Tsering
Indian Lhasam Gedun
Indian Palden Tsering
Indian Pasang Manor
Indian Wangdu Dorjee
Indian Dawa Norbu
Indian Lhabhum Sershi
Indian Tsultrim Gyatso
Indian Tsewang Phuntsok
Indian Tsering Dorjee
Indian Lobsang Griffiths-Golba
Indian Pasang Dorjee
Indian Tenzin Jigdal
Indian Phurbu Rinzin
Indian Lobsang Palden
Indian Jamyang Chophel
Indian Nagwang Kunchok
Indian Tashi Dhondrup
Indian Nawang Anja-Tsang
Indian Tashi Sangpo Murik

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