Cosmic Top Secret

Trine Laier, Denmark, 2018

540 min.GameAnimation

'Int'l Cosmic Top Secret' is an adventure game in 6 levels. It is a true story set in a surreal environment. By solving puzzles you help protagonist T to find out what Dad did for the Danish intelligence during the Cold War. CTS is played on mobile and PC. Mechanics and story are driven by the characters development. Playing time: +7h
Basic information Credits
Original title Yderst hemmeligt
Danish title Yderst hemmeligt
Director Trine Laier
Screenplay Trine Laier, Mette Sø, Michael Valeur
Producer Lise Saxtrup
Director of Photography Trine Laier, Lis Dyre, Lise Saxtrup
Editor Grete Møldrup, Nanna Nederlund
Sound Anne Gry Friis Kristensen, Andreas Busk, Kristoffer Salting, Anders Børup
Composer Bjørn Svin
Appearance Trine Laier, Hanne Laier, Bengt Laier, Dronning Margrethe II
Production country Denmark
International sales Klassefilm ApS
Online release 15.11.2018
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Production company Klassefilm, Det Danske Filminstitut
Co-production Those Eyes
With support from Creative Europe, Nordic Game Program, Animationssammenslutningen, ANIS, Kunststyrelsen


Direction Trine Laier
Technical director Simon Engelbrecht
Technical director Jon Vinther


Screenplay Trine Laier
Screenplay Mette Sø
Screenplay Michael Valeur
Dramaturge Stine Skot
Research Gökhan Kuvvetli


Producer Lise Saxtrup
Co-producer Trine Laier
Producer's assistant Sofie Rørdam


Cinematographer Trine Laier
Cinematographer Lis Dyre
Cinematographer Lise Saxtrup


Editor Grete Møldrup
Editor Nanna Nederlund
Trailer editor Simon Weyhe


Composer Bjørn Svin

Production design

Art director Sarah Sillehoved Allagui


Sound designer Anne Gry Friis Kristensen
Sound designer Andreas Busk
Sound designer Kristoffer Salting
Sound designer Anders Børup

Visual effects

Programmer Sune Hede
Programmer Kristian Torgard
Concept designer Eva Kanstrup
Concept designer Marcus Mattsson
Concept designer Jonatan van Hove
3D graphic designer Faysal Faud Khalil
3D graphic designer Nicklas Kludt
3D graphic designer Markus Bo Jensen
3D graphic designer Kåre Pelle
3D graphic designer Peter Meldgaard
Graphic design Io Helweg
Graphic design Sabine Hviid
Graphic design Sarah Sillehoved Allagui


Animation Michael Bech Hussein
Animation Carmen Hannibal
Animation Glenn August Bournonville Lange
Animation Aimall Sharifi
Animation Jon Vinther
Animation Cathrine Beyer

Other credits

Level Design Jannik Faarvang Petersen
Game Design Mads Lyngvig Jespersen
QA & UX manager Mads Hagemann Nielsen


Appearance Trine Laier
Appearance Hanne Laier
Appearance Bengt Laier
Appearance Dronning Margrethe II

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