Karl Roos

(1914 – 1951)

Title Year Function Category
The city we live in 1955 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Kyndby Power Station 1951 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Shakespeare and Kronborg 1950 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Nordsø Sild 1950 Comments DK/Documentary
Things are improving again 1949 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Grundlovens 100-års jubilæum 1949 Voiceover, Speaker comments DK/Documentary
They guide you across 1949 dansk speak DK/Documentary
Spar på vandet 1949 Speaker comments DK/Documentary
Children of Poland 1948 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Give them a chance 1948 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Enemy Tuberculosis 1948 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Copenhagen Calling 1947 Direction DK/Documentary
Meat 1947 Voiceover, Script DK/Documentary
Your Freedom is at Stake 1946 Voiceover, Speaker comments DK/Documentary
Livsfare - Miner! 1946 Voiceover DK/Documentary
The first General election since the Liberation, October 30, 1945 1945 Direction, Editing, Comments DK/Documentary
The Occupation of Copenhagen 1945 Speaker comments DK/Documentary
Strange animals 1944 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Faren fra luften 1944 Script DK/Documentary
Gengas 1944 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Pharmacies 1944 Voiceover DK/Documentary
The cow 1944 Script, Voiceover DK/Documentary
Trut! 1944 Alteration Documentary
Healthy children 1943 Direction DK/Documentary
Kutter H 71 1943 Voiceover DK/Documentary
For the future of the nation 1943 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Under a Thatched Roof 1942 Direction, Script, Production DK/Documentary
Brødrene Dahl-Filmen 1942 Direction DK/Documentary
Dansk Raajern 1942 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Jørgensen Gets a Job 1942 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Ordre No. 95807 1942 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Jens Langkniv 1940 Screenplay, Editor DK/Feature
Iran - the new Persia 1939 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Nykøbing F. 1938 Direction DK/Documentary
Holbæk County - a corner of Zealand 1938 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Denmark in Europe Script DK/Documentary