Per Meinertsen

(1943 – )

Filmography Music
Title Year Function Category
The Beast Within 1995 Music mixer DK/Feature
Jungle Jack 1993 Sound DK/Feature
Tre blink mod vest 1992 Sound DK/Documentary
The Premonition 1992 Sound mixer Feature
The Boys From St. Petri 1991 Sound DK/Feature
The Magical Order - Pioneers Of Danish Design 1991 Sound DK/Documentary
Zentropa 1991 Sound mixer DK/Feature
Hayfever 1991 Sound mixer DK/Feature
Spring Tide 1990 Sound DK/Feature
1700 metres from the future 1990 Sound DK/Documentary
Notes on Love 1989 Sound DK/Experimental
Dansk litteratur 1989 Sound DK/Documentary
Emma's shadow 1988 B-sound designer DK/Feature
The Redtops 1988 Sound mixer supervisor DK/Feature
Subway To Paradise 1987 Sound DK/Feature
The Wolf at the Door 1986 Sound DK/Feature
Take It Easy 1986 Sound DK/Feature
De flyvende djævle 1985 Sound DK/Feature
Friends forever 1985 Sound DK/Short fiction
Samson and Sally 1984 Sound DK/Short fiction
Haiti Express 1983 Sound designer DK/Feature
Land of Plenty 1983 Sound mixer DK/Feature
The Circus Casablanca 1981 Sound assistant DK/Feature
The house by the sea 1980 Sound DK/Feature
Dreams Don't Make Noise When They Die 1979 Sound DK/Feature
The Story of a Mother 1979 Sound DK/Short fiction
Johnny Larsen 1979 Sound DK/Feature
Did Somebody Laugh? 1978 Sound DK/Feature
Me and Charly 1978 Sound mixer DK/Feature
Vandalism 1977 Sound DK/Feature
Terror 1977 Sound DK/Feature
Boys 1977 Sound mixer DK/Feature
Hearts are trump 1976 Sound DK/Feature
When Svante Disappeared 1975 Sound DK/Feature
Tøj 1975 Sound DK/Documentary
Nothing But the Truth 1975 Sound mixer DK/Feature
Sacked! 1973 Sound DK/Feature
In Daddy's Pocket 1973 Sound DK/Feature
It won't happen to me 1973 Sound DK/Documentary
Lenin, your rascal! 1972 Sound DK/Feature
Hånden på hjertet - passer du på det? 1972 Sound DK/Documentary
Man sku' være noget ved musikken 1972 Sound mixer DK/Feature
The case of the missing clerk 1971 Sound DK/Feature
The tar-dealer 1971 Sound DK/Feature
Wild angels - a minority in Denmark 1971 Sound DK/Documentary
Zero point 1971 Sound DK/Experimental
Swedish Fly Girls 1971 Sound assistant Feature
Smuglerne 1970 Sound TV series
The man who thought things 1969 Sound DK/Feature
Do You Believe in Witches? 1969 Sound DK/Experimental
En boplads i Østgrønland 1969 Sound DK/Documentary
Love and kisses 1969 Assistant DK/Feature
SS 1968 Sound DK/Short fiction
Beskytterens dilemma 1968 Sound DK/Short fiction
Fugls føde 1968 Sound DK/Short fiction
In the green forest 1968 Assistant DK/Feature
1000 fryd 1967 Sound DK/Short fiction
Tag en rask beslutning 1967 Sound DK/Short fiction
Astrid Henning-Jensen 1967 Sound DK/Documentary
Bevægelsen 1967 Sound DK/Short fiction
Den forsvundne løve 1966 Sound DK/Short fiction
Bilen 1966 Sound DK/Short fiction
Choices Sound DK/Feature
Music Year Film Function
Menneskedyret [Score] 1995 Menneskedyret Mixer