Olivier Bugge Coutté

Title Year Function Category
Copenhagen Does Not Exist 2023 Editor DK/Feature
Verdens verste menneske 2022 Editor Feature
Riget Exodus 2022 Editor
The Good Traitor 2020 Editor DK/Feature
Mordene i Kongo 2018 Editor Feature
Thelma 2017 Editor Feature
Violently in Love 2017 Editor DK/Documentary
A Conspiracy of Faith 2016 Editor DK/Feature
The Idealist 2015 Editor DK/Feature
Bridgend 2015 Editor, Script consultant DK/Feature
Louder Than Bombs 2015 Editor Feature
Fúsi 2015 Editor Feature
Oslo, 31. august 2011 Editing Feature
Girl in the Water 2011 Editing DK/Short fiction
Beginners 2010 Editing Feature
Lulu & Leon 2009 Editing TV series
Crybaby 2008 Editing DK/Short fiction
Forestillinger 2007 Editing TV series
Arn - the knight templar 2007 Editor Feature
Den hemmelige krig 2006 Editing DK/Documentary
Reprise 2006 Editing Feature
Afghan muscles 2006 Editing DK/Documentary
The Swenkas 2005 Editing DK/Documentary
Lykketoft finale 2005 Editing DK/Documentary
Fucking 14 2005 Editor DK/Short fiction
Lauge's Cat 2004 Editing DK/Short fiction
Ullas vrede 2004 Editing TV documentary
Den talende muse 2003 Editing DK/Documentary
Tyren 2003 Editing DK/Short fiction
Stjernekigger 2002 Editing DK/Documentary
Debutanten 2002 Editor DK/Short fiction
Tegninger 2000 Direction, Script, Editing, Executive producer DK/Short fiction
Hotel Pandemonium 2000 Editing DK/Short fiction
Hullet 1998 Direction DK/Short fiction