Karen Blixen - behind her mask

Morten Henriksen, Denmark, 2011

54 min.DK/DocumentaryPortrait films

A film about Karen Blixen's friendship with the devil. In public Karen Blixen described herself as a "story-teller", but within a small inner circle - amongst others, the young man of letters, Aage Henriksen - she talked about herself as "the devil's mistress" and thanked him for his ability to convert everything into stories. Were her opinions pure literary ornament, metaphors for well-known phenomena, or did they have a deeper meaning? These questions led the later professor of literature, Aage Henriksen, onto a harrowing journey, which put him in connection with a number of occult phenomena. As a confidant on this journey, Aage Henriksen had his ten-year-old son, Morten.
Today Morten Henriksen is the film's director and he wants to get answers to all the questions which have accumulated over the years, while his father was still alive.
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Original title Bag Blixens maske
Danish title Bag Blixens maske
Keywords Blixen, Karen, Litterature, Henriksen, Aage, Danish litterature
Director Morten Henriksen
Screenplay Bo Persson
Producer Karen Baumbach
Director of Photography Jan Weincke, Morten Søborg, Dan Laustsen, Jon Bang Carlsen
Editor Henrik Vincent Thiesen, Anne Østerud, Klaus Heinecke
Composer Søren Siegumfeldt
Production designer Käthe Stovgaard Kofoed
Appearance Aage Henriksen, Birthe Neumann, Ole Lemmeke, Hjalte Larsen
Production country Denmark
International sales DR
Danish theatrical release 05.05.2011
Cinemas Grand, Café Biografen (Odense), Biffen (Aalborg), Øst for Paradis (Århus)
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company No Exit Production


Direction Morten Henriksen
Assistant director Anton Brandt Thykier
Assistant director Frida Paustian
Interview consultant Peter Øvig Knudsen
Voice coach Jens Arentzen


Screenplay Bo Persson
Storyboard Aksel Michael Jensen
Script consultant Mogens Rukov


Producer Karen Baumbach
Post-producton coordinator Silke Indra
Production coordinator Hans Bülow Ungfelt


Cinematographer Jan Weincke
Cinematographer Morten Søborg
Cinematographer Dan Laustsen
Cinematographer Jon Bang Carlsen
Steadicam Edvard Friis-Møller
Visual consultant Krass Clement
Camera assistant Søren Berthelin

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Michel Copeland
Gaffer Noah Lynnerup
Gaffer Morten Jensen


Editor Henrik Vincent Thiesen
Editor Anne Østerud
Editor Klaus Heinecke
Assistant editor Silke Indra
Editing supervisor Anders Refn
Editing supervisor Per K. Kierkegaard


Composer Søren Siegumfeldt

Production design

Production designer Käthe Stovgaard Kofoed
Assistant production designer Lea Sorth Kjær
Assistant production designer Stephan H. Jensen


Costume on set Louize Nissen
Costume on set Anne-Dorthe Eskildsen


Makeup artist Charlotte Laustsen


Sound Jan Juhler
Sound mixer Jan Juhler

Visual effects

Graphic design Flemming Dupont
Graphic design Rasmus Lange
Colourist Adalsteinn Hallgrimsson


Appearance Aage Henriksen
Karen Blixen Birthe Neumann
Aage Henriksen Ole Lemmeke
Morten som 5-årig Hjalte Larsen
Morten som 11-årig Simon Rafstrup Forchhammer
Morten som ung mand Adam Henriksen
Yogalærerinde Gerd Møller Kristensen
Eli Wamberg Peter Tage Hansen
Appearance Sune Berthelsen
Appearance Merete Bagger Madsen
Appearance Peter Stampe Langballe
Appearance Sanne Brixen
Appearance Jacob Friis Kjærgaard

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