Louize Nissen

(1970 – )

Costume Designer. Born 28/11 1970, St. Croix, U.S Virgin Islands.

Since the 90''s Nissen has done Costume Design on a great number of mainly features. Among these are Per Fly''s ''The Bench'', for which she received a Danish Robert award, Martin Zandvliet''s ''A Funny Man'' (2011), The Antboy trilogy (2013-2016), ''A Conspiracy of Faith'' (2016), ''Dan Dream'' (2017) and ''The Nile Hilton Incident'' (2017), for which she received a Swedish Guldbagge award.

Title Year Function Category
Speak No Evil 2022 Costume designer DK/Feature
Utvandrarna 2022 Costume designer Feature
The Exception 2020 Costume designer DK/Feature
The Day We Died 2020 Key costumer DK/Feature
Before the Frost 2019 Key costumer DK/Feature
The Kindness of Strangers 2019 Costume designer DK/Feature
Wildwitch 2018 Costume designer DK/Feature
Finding Home 2018 Costume designer TV series
Dan Dream 2017 Key costumer DK/Feature
I am William 2017 Costume designer DK/Feature
The Nile Hilton Incident 2017 Costume designer Feature
Walk with Me 2016 Costume on set DK/Feature
Antboy 3 2016 Costume designer DK/Feature
A Conspiracy of Faith 2016 Costume on set DK/Feature
The Idealist 2015 Costume designer DK/Feature
A War 2015 Costume designer DK/Feature
Antboy: Revenge of The Red Fury 2014 Costume designer DK/Feature
Antboy 2013 Key costumer DK/Feature
Out of Bounds 2012 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Wild Bird 2012 Wardrobe, Makeup DK/Short fiction
The talent thief 2012 Key costumer DK/Feature
Kon-tiki 2012 Costume designer Feature
This life 2012 Costume on set DK/Feature
Marie Kroyer 2012 Costume on set DK/Feature
Karen Blixen - behind her mask 2011 Costume on set DK/Documentary
A Funny Man 2011 Costume on set DK/Feature
The Reunion 2011 Costume on set DK/Feature
Kvinden der drømte om en mand 2010 Wardrobe DK/Feature
In a Better World 2010 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Oldboys 2009 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Park Road 2009 Wardrobe TV series
Flugten 2009 Key costumer DK/Feature
Headhunter 2009 Costume designer DK/Feature
Worlds Apart 2008 Costume designer DK/Feature
Forestillinger 2007 Wardrobe TV series
Just like home 2007 Costume on set DK/Feature
Karlas kabale 2007 Key costumer DK/Feature
Anna Pihl 2006 Wardrobe TV series
Blood Sisters 2006 Wardrobe DK/Short fiction
Oskar & Josefine 2005 Costume designer DK/Feature
Manslaughter 2005 Costume on set DK/Feature
Return to Sender 2005 Costume assistant DK/Feature
Young Andersen 2005 Costume on set DK/Feature
Nynne 2005 Costume on set DK/Feature
Ambulance 2005 Costume assistant: 2. unit DK/Feature
Fakiren fra Bilbao 2004 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Scratch 2003 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Zafir 2003 Wardrobe DK/Feature
The Performance 2003 Wardrobe DK/Short fiction
Ulvepigen Tinke 2002 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Wallah be 2002 Wardrobe DK/Feature
My sister''s kids 2 2002 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Charlie Butterfly 2002 Costume on set DK/Feature
Catch that girl 2002 Costume assistant DK/Feature
Escape 2001 Wardrobe DK/Short fiction
Kat 2001 Costume assistant DK/Feature
Anja & Viktor 2001 Costume assistance DK/Feature
The bench 2000 Wardrobe DK/Feature
At the Faber 2000 Wardrobe TV series
Dancer in the Dark 2000 Costume assistant DK/Feature
Falkehjerte 1999 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Webmaster 1998 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Eye of the Eagle 1997 Costume trainee DK/Feature
Barbara 1997 Dresser DK/Feature