Mogens Rukov

(1943 – 2015)

Screenwriter. Born 4/8 1943, Denmark, died 18/ 12 2015. MA in Nordic literature and linguistics and film studies from the University of Copenhagen in 1974.

Mogens Rukov was hired as a teacher of dramaturgy at the National Film School of Denmark in 1975. In 1985, he helped establish the screenwriting department which he headed until 2008. As an innovator of a Danish screenwriting tradition which has since dominated the education, and as a passionate and unorthodox teacher and mentor, he has influenced generations of Danish filmmakers' dramaturgical understanding and approach. This applies to the generation of directors who created the international breakthrough of Danish cinema in the 1990s, including the Dogme films – among them Lars von Trier, Lone Scherfig, Susanne Bier, Per Fly, Thomas Vinterberg, Ole Christian Madsen, Pernille Fischer Christensen and Christoffer Boe – as well as the bloom of a generation of screenwriters who has been of great importance to the success of Danish film and television series: Lars Kjeldgaard, Nikolaj Scherfig, brødrene Thorsboe, Kim Leona, Kim Fupz Aakeson, Bo Hr. Hansen, Dunja Gry Jensen, Maya Ilsøe, Charlotte Sieling, Søren Svejstrup, Tobias Lindholm, Nikolaj Arcel and Anders August.

Rukov's teaching was characterized by the notion that rules and restrictions spark creativity, and he gave students strictly defined assignments. His screenwriting principles are based on the interaction between the "natural story" – a story rooted in a recognizable and concrete reality that the audience can relate to – and scandalous incidents that surprises by breaking normality.

Those principles were manifested in Thomas Vinterberg's "The Celebration" (1998) the first Dogme film, co-written by Rukov. He also served as script consultant on the two next Dogme films, Lars von Trier's "The Idiots" (1998) and Søren Kragh-Jacobsen's "Mifune" (1999) and co-wrote Ole Christian Madsen's "Kira's Reason – A Love Story" (2001).

Among his other co-writing credits are Thomas Vinterberg's "It's All About Love" (2002), Christoffer Boe's "Reconstruction" (2003), Per Fly's "Inheritance" (2003) and "Manslaughter" (2005) and Omar Shagawi's "Go with Peace Jamil" (2008).

Mogens Rukov won a Robert Award for the screenplay of "The Celebration" in 1999 and for "Kira's Reason" in 2002. In 2003, he received an Honorary Bodil Award.

Title Year Function Category
Al Medina 2015 Script consultant DK/Feature
Bridgend 2015 Script consultant DK/Feature
In Absentia 2013 Script consultant DK/Short fiction
Expedition to the End of the World 2013 Script consultant DK/Documentary
Juan 2011 Script DK/Feature
Superclásico 2011 Script consultant DK/Feature
Karen Blixen - behind her mask 2011 Script consultant DK/Documentary
Kvinden der drømte om en mand 2010 Script consultant DK/Feature
The Coach 2009 Script DK/Short fiction
Ensom er noget man er for sig selv 2009 Script consultant DK/Short fiction
Go with peace Jamil 2008 Script DK/Feature
Everything is Relative 2008 Narrator, Screenplay DK/Documentary
Comeback 2008 Dramaturge DK/Feature
Flame & Citron 2008 Script consultant DK/Feature
En mand kommer hjem 2007 Script DK/Feature
Forestillinger 2007 Script consultant TV series
We shall overcome 2006 Script consultant DK/Feature
Tilbageblik på Festen 2005 Appearance DK/Documentary
Lars von Trier Anecdotes 2005 Appearance TV documentary
Manslaughter 2005 Script DK/Feature
Nordkraft 2005 Script consultant DK/Feature
Lost and Found 2005 Screenplay DK/Feature
In Transit 2005 Script consultant DK/Short fiction
Rukov - på sporet af den tabte tid 2004 Appearance DK/Documentary
Reconstruction 2003 Script DK/Feature
Inheritance 2003 Script DK/Feature
The Accident 2003 Consultant DK/Short fiction
Skagerrak 2003 Script consultant DK/Feature
Frunk 2003 Consultant DK/Short fiction
The Pact 2003 Script consultant DK/Short fiction
Between Us 2003 Consultant DK/Short fiction
It's All About Love 2002 Script, Screenplay DK/Feature
Kira's Reason - a Love Story 2001 Script DK/Feature
Woyzeck's last symphony 2001 Script consultant DK/Short fiction
Vejen tilbage 2001 Consultant DK/Documentary
Postkort fra Mars 2001 Editing supervisor DK/Short fiction
Mifunes sidste sang 1999 Script consultant DK/Feature
Festen 1998 Script DK/Feature
The Idiots 1998 Script consultant, Editing supervisor DK/Feature
Praha 1994 Comments DK/Experimental
Kys mor, skat! 1990 Script consultant DK/Short fiction
Moments of Play 1986 Script DK/Documentary
Elise 1985 Script DK/Feature
Havet 1984 Script DK/Short fiction
The element of crime 1984 Arkivar, Script consultant DK/Feature