Foreign Fields

Aage Rais-Nordentoft, Denmark, 2000

100 min.DK/Feature

A film that provokes and shocks, refusing to allow its viewers to sit passively. A Danish soldier finds himself on a deadly outing, deeply entangled in a conflict of interests. The young protagonist is a sharpshooter, and seems to have it in him to become the perfect soldier. But young Jacob, who goes to Bosnia as a private in the UN peace-keeping force, is also naïve and inexperienced. He admires his tough, able-bodied sergeant, Holt, who has seen war for real. Holt asks Jacob to join him on a weekend outing; this dubious weekend, Jacob discovers, is a guided tour for a group of trigger-happy tourists who want to experience war first hand. Serb civilians are their living targets, and Jacob is trapped. Should he obey Sergeant Holt or his finer instincts? Should he fight for his life, or for his conscience?
Basic information Credits Music Materials
Original title På fremmed mark
Danish title På fremmed mark
Director Aage Rais-Nordentoft
Screenplay Jens Dahl, Aage Rais-Nordentoft
Director of Photography Bo Tengberg
Editor Darek Hodor
Sound Jens Bønding
Composer Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson
Production designer Kalju Kivi
Appearance Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Pelle Hvenegaard, Johan Widerberg, Julia Jäger
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Biografdistribution
Technical info 2743 meter, 35 mm, Cinemascope, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 24.03.2000
Cinemas Palads, Vester Vov Vov, BioCity (Tåstrup) samt 8 biografer i provinsen
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 15
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Production company Zentropa Entertainments, Balboa 2
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Biografdistribution


Direction Aage Rais-Nordentoft
1st assistant director Molly Plank
2nd assistant director Anneli Ahven
3rd assistant director Søren Hadsund Mortensen
Casting: Denmark Lene Seested
Casting: Estonia Anneli Ahven
Casting: UK Joyce Nettles
Casting: Germany Christoph Rüter
Continuity Marje Jurtsenko
1st assistant director: Jutland Thomas Schindel
Continuity: Jutland Lone Visby Olsen
1st assistant director: 2. unit Jens Mikkelsen


Script Jens Dahl
Script Aage Rais-Nordentoft


Production Henrik Danstrup
Executive producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen
Line producer Niels Bald
Production manager: Estonia Andres Sauter
Production assistant: Jutland Rune Aardal Hansen
Production manager: 2. unit Rikke Laursen
Production assistant: 2. unit, Copenhagen Stine Lolk
Production supervisor: post-production Tove Jystrup
Producer's assistant Rikke Laursen
Producer's assistant Sarita Christensen
Location manager: 2. unit Carsten Sparwath
Location scout: Jutland Erik Peitersen


Cinematography Bo Tengberg
Cinematographer: 2. unit Torben Forsberg
Camera assistant Philip Forbes
Key grip Rein Pruul
Director of Photography: Jutland Jacob Banke Olesen
Camera assistant Thomas Kildegaard
Camera assistant: 2. unit, Bosnia and Herzegovina Claus Lykke


Stills Mait Mäekivi

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Jacob Marlow
Gaffer Jens Bo Poulsen
Gaffer Aslak Lytthans
Best boy Enn Laats
Best boy: Jutland Poul Iversen
Assistant lighting technician: 2. unit Nicolai Zwinge


Editing Darek Hodor
Assistant editor Frank Dennis Jensen
Assistant editor Carsten Søsted
Assistant editor Simon Lytting
Online editor Rasmus Worsøe


Music Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson

Production design

Production design Kalju Kivi
Set dresser Jacob Stig Olsson
Assistant production designer Reimo Rüntü
Assistant set dresser Heiki Marlen
Assistant set dresser Anri Rulkov
Set dresser: Jutland Thomas Greve
Set dresser: 2. unit Tobias Tømming


Wardrobe Bettina Ovgaard
Costume assistant Jaanus Vahtra
Costumes, 2. unit (Copenhagen) Tine Engelbrecht


Makeup Kristel Kärner
Makeup assistant Mare Bachmann
Makeup assistant Krista Toompere
Makeup assistant Mart Plees


Sound Jens Bønding
Recording engineer Sigurdur Sigurdsson
Boom operator Jaak Elling
Recording engineer: Jutland Steen Dongo Jensen
Boom operator: Jutland Mogens Willemoes
Dialogue editor Sigurdur Sigurdsson
Sound effects Eddie Simonsen
Foley recordist Christian H. Lund
Foley artist Julien Naudin
Sound mixer Morten Holm

Special effects

SFX consultant Hummer Højmark
SFX assistant Janis Tetertovskis
SFX assistant Girts Vilnis

Visual effects

Grading Michael Nielsen
Grading Michael Nielsen
Grading Rene Agtved


Stand-in for Julia Jäger Maili Torma
Stand-in for Johan Widerberg Hans Peter Ludvigsen
Stunt Hans Peter Ludvigsen

Other credits

Military consultant: Estonia Jüri Tikk
Military consultant: Denmark Ole Rebner


Søren Holt Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Jacob Pelle Hvenegaard
Cobain Johan Widerberg
Madonna Julia Jäger
Prince Steve Nicolson
Vildbæk Mikkel Bay Mortensen
Helge Frederik Nørgaard
Andersen Nils P. Munk
Ravn Bjarne Henriksen
UN Unit Mihkel Tikk
UN Unit Eero Kaldam
Translator Tiina Tauraite
Old man's wife Leida Rammo
Old man Albert Jalakas
Senty at Serbian checkpoint Erki Laur
High ranking female Serb Galina Tikerpuu
Little girl at orphanage Gajane Vage
Waitress Veronika Kovtun
Milan Joel Jürise
Drunken soldier Marko Matvere
Dead girl at orphanage Triin Talvistu
Camp commander Ole Rebner
Senior Sergeant Jacob Marlow
Jovan Christman Roos
UN Driver Niels Bald
Man with red telephone Dajan Ahmetov
Elevator boy Zavel Sarkisjan
Desiré Marika Korolev
Taxi driver Kalju Kivi
Prince Steve Nicolson
Madonna Julia Jâger
Cobain Johan Widerberg
Little girl in village Polina Tsherkassova
Sebian man Martin Veinmann
Young Serb Mait Malmsten
Older woman in little boy's room Tamara Solodnikova
Serbian man 2 Felix Urve
The father in farm family Vadim Stepanov
The mother Lilia Shinkarjova
The teenage girl Kaia Skoblov
The boy Oliver Voolpriit
UN Officer George McDonnell

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