Carsten Søsted

(1973 – )

Born 1973, Denmark. Søsted worked as an assistant editor at Zentropa from 1997-2002, working on Lars von Trier's "Idioterne"/"The Idiots" and "Dancer in the Dark", Per Fly's "Bænken"/"The Bench" and Susanne Bier's "Elsker dig for evigt"/"Open Hearts". Freelance editor for television, various commercials, shortfilms, documentaries and feature films.

Co-writer with Rasmus V. Nielsen on the awardwinning short fiction "Lille mand"/"Little Man", recipient of honours in Giffoni, Chicago, and Buster, Copenhagen. Søsted's directorial debut "... og det var Danmark"/"Danish Dynamite" (2008), made with co-director Mads Kamp Thusltrup, won a GuldDok for Best Feature-length Dok at CPH:DOX.

Title Year Function Category
Jagtsæson 2 - I medgang og modgang 2024 Editor DK/Feature
Bytte bytte baby 2023 Editor DK/Feature
Hvide Sande 2021 Editor Series (fiction)
Ninna 2019 Editor DK/Feature
DNA 2019 Editor TV series
Where Have All the Good Men Gone 2016 Editor DK/Feature
Dicte 3 2016 Editor TV series
Follow the Money 2016 Editor TV series
Fra kolonimagt til kolonihavemagt 2015 Editor TV series
The Seaside Hotel 2 2015 Editor TV series
Sound Tracks of Life - Moussa Diallo on Bass 2015 Editor DK/Documentary
Dicte 2 2014 Editor TV series
Arvingerne 1 2014 Editor TV series
Tidsrejsen 2014 Editor: pre-production TV series
The Detectives 2013 Editor DK/Feature
Tvillingerne & julemanden 2013 Editor TV series
Mommy 2013 Editor DK/Short fiction
Julestjerner 2012 Editor TV series
Hjælp, det er jul 2011 Editing TV series
Ambassadøren 2011 Editor DK/Documentary
Nothing's all bad 2010 Chief editor DK/Feature
Pagten 2009 Editing TV series
Danish dynamite 2008 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Flame & Citron 2008 B-editor DK/Feature
The protectors 2008 Editor: episode 7 TV series
D+R 2007 Editing DK/Short fiction
The Killing 2007 Editing TV series
Lille mand 2006 Script, Editing DK/Short fiction
I hendes hænder 2006 Editing DK/Short fiction
Ynglinge 2006 Editing DK/Short fiction
Absalons hemmelighed 2006 Editing TV series
Udenfor verden 2005 Editing DK/Short fiction
Den nye lejer 2005 Editor DK/Short fiction
The Black Hole 2005 Editor DK/Short fiction
Bus 2004 Editor DK/Short fiction
Forventningens glæde 2004 Editor DK/Short fiction
Forbrydelser 2004 Online editor DK/Feature
Efterskoleliv - 300 dage på Samsø 2003 Editing DK/Documentary
Uro 2003 Editing DK/Short fiction
Venter på Joe 2003 Editing DK/Short fiction
Depotet 2003 Editing DK/Short fiction
Open Hearts 2002 Assistant editor DK/Feature
Metropollination 2001 Editing DK/Short fiction
Unit 1 2000 Assistant editor TV series
Foreign Fields 2000 Assistant editor DK/Feature
The bench 2000 Assistant editor DK/Feature
The Idiots 1998 Assistant editor DK/Feature