Morten Holm

Title Year Function Category
All for one 2011 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Far til fire - på japansk 2010 Dialogue editor DK/Feature
Vølvens forbandelse 2009 B-sound designer: post-production DK/Feature
Worlds Apart 2008 B-sound designer DK/Feature
The Art of Crying 2007 B-sound designer: post-production DK/Feature
Paragraf 15 2007 Sound assistant DK/Short fiction
Rich Kids 2007 Dialogue editor DK/Feature
The voice of Iran 2006 Sound DK/Documentary
We shall overcome 2006 B-sound designer: post-production DK/Feature
Ambulance 2005 Sound DK/Feature
Kort film om tro 2005 Sound DK/Documentary
Skitser til et portræt af en maler 2005 Sound DK/Documentary
The sun king 2005 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Restless souls 2005 B-sound designer: post-production DK/Feature
Timezones - Explained by Use of Light 2004 Sound DK/Documentary
Silk Road 2004 Sound engineer, Mixer DK/Feature
Motormagasinet 2004 Sound TV series
Song for a Raggy Boy 2003 Sound Feature
Between Us 2003 Consultant DK/Short fiction
The Accident 2003 Consultant DK/Short fiction
House of Hearts 2002 Sound DK/Feature
Palle Nielsen - mig skal intet fattes 2002 Sound DK/Documentary
Villar - Manuelas børn 2002 Sound DK/Short fiction
The Purified 2002 Sound DK/Documentary
The Exhibited 2000 Sound DK/Documentary
Tillsammans 2000 Sound mixer Feature
Foreign Fields 2000 Sound mixer DK/Feature
Solen er så rød 1999 Sound DK/Short fiction
Festen 1998 Sound DK/Feature
Hvornår kommer strygerne 1998 Sound DK/Short fiction
Valby 1997 Sound DK/Experimental
A Scent of Paradise 1997 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Cirklen 1996 Sound DK/Short fiction
The Beast Within 1995 Sound DK/Feature
Love Me, Love Me Not 1995 Sound engineer DK/Feature
- kalder Katrine! 1994 Sound DK/Short fiction
Værelse 17 1993 Sound DK/Short fiction
Debutanten 1993 Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Den ufuldendte 1991 Sound DK/Short fiction
The Boys From St. Petri 1991 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Perfect world 1990 Sound assistant DK/Experimental
Retfærdighedens rytter 1989 Sound assistant DK/Short fiction
Biodynamisk jordbrug - hvad er det? 1988 Sound DK/Documentary
Greb om tiden - Metal 100 år 1988 Sound DK/Documentary
My Pocket Is Empty 1987 Sound DK/Documentary
The human race 1987 Sound DK/Experimental
The invisible army - women cleaning at night 1987 Sound DK/Documentary
Arbejdskraftreserven - om ikke-faglærte kvinder 1987 Sound DK/Documentary
Danmarksbilleder... fra 80'erne 1987 Sound DK/Documentary
Hells Angels MC Denmark 1986 Sound DK/Documentary