Jacob Marlow

Title Year Function Category
Den der lever stille 2023 Gaffer, Sound engineer DK/Feature
Out of the Darkness 2022 Gaffer DK/Feature
Dag og nat (Oversigt) 2022 Gaffer Series (fiction)
Dag og nat 1:8 - August 2022 Gaffer Series (fiction)
Dag og nat 2:8 - September 2022 Gaffer Series (fiction)
Dag og nat 3:8 - Oktober 2022 Gaffer Series (fiction)
Dag og nat 4:8 - December 2022 Gaffer Series (fiction)
Dag og nat 5:8 - Nytår 2022 Gaffer Series (fiction)
Dag og nat 6:8 - Februar 2022 Gaffer Series (fiction)
Dag og nat 8:8 - Maj 2022 Gaffer Series (fiction)
Into the Darkness 2020 Gaffer DK/Feature
Erna at War 2020 Gaffer DK/Feature
Team Albert 2018 Gaffer DK/Feature
What a Circus! 2017 Gaffer DK/Feature
Kidbusters 2017 Gaffer DK/Feature
Something''s Rockin'' 2017 Gaffer TV series
The Commune 2016 Gaffer DK/Feature
Den anden verden 2016 Camera operator TV series
Bankerot 2014 Gaffer TV series
Love Is All You Need 2012 Gaffer DK/Feature
The Great Bird Race 2012 Gaffer DK/Feature
Sons of Norway 2011 Gaffer Feature
In a Better World 2010 2nd cinematographer, Gaffer DK/Feature
Sangen 2009 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
Antichrist 2009 Gaffer: 2. unit DK/Feature
Mammoth 2009 Gaffer Feature
What no one knows 2008 Gaffer DK/Feature
Mettes overskyede verden 2007 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
AFR 2007 Cinematographer DK/Feature
Better Times 2004 Best boy TV series
It''s All About Love 2002 Gaffer DK/Feature
Monas verden 2001 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
My sister''s children 2001 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Foreign Fields 2000 Senior Sergeant, Gaffer DK/Feature
Flickering Lights 2000 Lighting supervisor DK/Feature
Anna 2000 Gaffer DK/Feature
Bleeder 1999 Gaffer DK/Feature
The Man with the Tuba 1999 Gaffer DK/Short fiction
Two for Cassiopeia - a Love Story 1999 Lighting supervisor DK/Short fiction
Det store flip 1997 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
A Scent of Paradise 1997 Gaffer DK/Feature
Portland 1996 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Operation Cobra 1995 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Carmen & Babyface 1995 Best boy DK/Feature
The Russian singer 1993 Gaffer DK/Feature
The Boys From St. Petri 1991 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Giselle 1991 Assistant lighting technician DK/Documentary
Games 1990 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Casanova 1990 Gaffer DK/Feature
Dance of the Polar Bears 1990 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Techno love 1989 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Love on the rails 1989 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Happiness is a curious catch 1989 Best boy DK/Feature
A World of Difference 1989 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Exil - en farvefilm 1988 Best boy DK/Experimental
Emma''s shadow 1988 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Babette''s Feast 1987 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Tootsiepops and Candyfloss 1987 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Waiting in the wings 1987 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Murder in the Dark 1986 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Walter and Carlo, part II 1986 Electrical dept. DK/Feature