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Tomas Villum Jensen (DK, 2013)

Player (Tomas Villum Jensen, DK, 2013)

Most people would see it as a bonus to be sent a few days to the Côte d'Azur to solve a smaller routine case, but for the righteous, extremely self-controlled and dull lawyer Michael Helge it is more like a punishment. Sun, sand, and sea are not things that appear on his top ten list. The case is supposedly just a simple divorce, but as soon as Michael Helge sets feet on French soil, everything goes wrong. He gets hustled for 10 million kroner of the company's money, and suddenly the future looks less bright. Fortunately, he meets his old friend, the frivolous gambler Theo, and together they plan how to get all the money back in a true James Bond style...


Basic information

Danish titlePlayer
ScreenplayMarie Østerbye
Director of PhotographySebastian Blenkov
Danish theatrical release20.06.2013
Production countryDenmark
Duration90 min.
Co-producer Kanzaman
In collaboration withDet Danske Filminstitut, DR
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Biografdistribution
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Additional information

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Full credits

Peter Bækkel1st assistant director
Malene BlenkovProducer
Sanne Arnt TorpLine producer
Frederic BovisLine producer
Rose Marie AngeloProduction assistant
Valerie BrisseProduction coordinator
Fanny FloupinProduction assistant
Bernard LamyProduction supervisor
Kamilla Hancke RosadoPost-producton coordinator
Sebastian BlenkovCinematographer
Liv LyngeAssistant editor
Helle HøgsbroCostume on set
Rasmus BjergMichael Helge
Lise KoefoedLouise
Jens Jørn SpottagWinther Schmidt
Lise SchleisnerÆldre dame
Emilia HuusfeldtKvinde i elevator
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Tomas Villum Jensen

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