Mikael Kloster Ebbesen

(1977 – )

Title Year Function Category
Dreams from The Outback 2019 Editor DK/Documentary
The Originals 2018 Editor DK/Documentary
On the Edge of Freedom 2017 Editor DK/Documentary
Misfits 2015 Editor DK/Documentary
Dreaming of Denmark 2015 Additional editing DK/Documentary
Summer of '92 2015 B-editor DK/Feature
Heartless 1 2014 Teaser editor, Recap TV series
Breathing 2013 Editor DK/Documentary
Laamb 2013 Editing supervisor DK/Documentary
Min barndom i helvede 2012 Editing DK/Documentary
Sort kaffe & vinyl 2012 Editor DK/Short fiction
The Human Scale 2012 Additional editing DK/Documentary
The wounded 2010 Editing DK/Documentary
Blod i mobilen 2010 Editor DK/Documentary
København 2009 Editing DK/Short fiction
Candy Factory 2009 Editing DK/Documentary
En gyselig hilsen 2008 Editing DK/Short fiction
De unge år 2007 B-editor DK/Feature
Happy go lucky 2006 Assistant editor DK/Documentary
Emmalou 2006 B-editor DK/Short fiction
Accused 2005 B-editor DK/Feature
Mørke 2005 Editor DK/Feature
Julie 2005 B-editor TV series
Vildt 2004 Editing DK/Short fiction
Manden bag døren 2003 Assistant editor DK/Feature
Halalabad blues 2002 Assistant editor DK/Feature
Okay 2002 Assistant editor DK/Feature
Lines Dyder 2001 Editing DK/Short fiction

As Mikael Ebbesen

Title Year Function Category
Pia 2022 Editor DK/Documentary
Being Eriko 2020 Assistant editor DK/Documentary
Between Here and Now 2019 Editing supervisor DK/Short fiction
Shadow of a Hero 2015 Editor DK/Documentary
Disportrait 2014 Assistant editor DK/Documentary
Encounters 2014 Editing supervisor DK/Feature
Quatraro Mysteriet 2009 Editor Series (documentary)
Den fremmede 2009 Continuity DK/Short fiction
The Fabulous Amazing Knicker Kitten Burlesque Revue 2007 Editing DK/Documentary
Ørn 2006 Editor DK/Short fiction
Beg, Borrow and Steel 2006 Editor, Producer DK/Documentary
Ikke høre, ikke se... 2002 Editing DK/Short fiction
Postkort fra Mars 2001 Assistant editor DK/Short fiction