Digital AV Archiving Workflows; Digitisation, Ingest, Preservation, Conversion, and Delivery

The workshop did bring together a group of experts involved with digital AV masters, their creation, storage and delivery. Through presentations of real cases, the workshop gave an opportunity to learn about the technical and practical details of AV preservation and engage with experts in the field. Emphasis were given to the complex workflows required in digital master management and the practical implementation of storage and delivery solutions.

The workshop did focus on digital film and AV master handling and management, and therefore predominantly addresses the issues of the Presto 4U Film Collections and Filmmakers community. The workshop were also of relevance to the Presto 4U communities of video and post production, broadcasters and footage sale archives.

Presentations from the workshop:

Mikko Kuutti, National Audiovisual Institute, Finland:
Setting up a film digitization workflow

Tommy Christiansen, Danish Film Institute:
Managing a CSM

Jacob Trock, Danish Film Institute:
Digital preservation and film heritage

Joan Leese, VET, United Kingdom:
The DPP Exchange Standard

Peter Holm, TV2:
Preservation and archiving of post-production - Needs for Industrialisation

Erwin Verbruggen:
"Separate pasts, common futures: Digital film preservation in a broadcast environment"

Marco Rendina, Cinecittà Luce, Italy:
Digital preservation in a footage sales archive

Presto4U is a two-year project supported by a core group of 14 PrestoCentre member organsations. The aim of the project is to identify useful results of research into digital audiovisual preservation and to raise awareness and improve the adoption of these both by technology and service providers as well as media owners. The project will deliver new tools and services to connect the different constituencies involved in AV media preservation: expert users, who understand the problems and require technological solutions; researchers who can develop the fundamental knowledge; and technology providers who can commercialize research results as sustainable tools and services.

Venue: Danish Film Institute, Gothersgade 55, Copenhagen


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