Erik Clausen

(1942 – )

Director. Born 7/3 1942, Denmark. Appearances in films and television. Writer, director, producer of feature films, often comedies with a social-political commitment.

His feature film debut "The Casablanca Circus" (1981), Best Comedy at Portland and awarded at Karlovy Vary, brought him immediate recognition. Other features include the tragi-comedy "Fish Out of Water" (1993), winner at Haugesund; the children's film "Me and Mama Mia" (1989), a boxoffice success, and "Rocking Silver" (1983), recipient of honours at Poitiers, Munich and Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Wrote and directed the biopic "Carl - My Childhood Symphony", based on Carl Nielsen's autobiography. "Villa Paranoia" (2004), was awarded at numerous festivals, including Mamers en Mer and Taormina; and "Temporary Release" (2007) received honours at Moscow and Rouen. Clausen also directed, and appeared in, "People Get Eaten" (2015) and "Never Again a Tomorrow" (2017).

Filmography Music
Title Year Function Category
Never Again a Tomorrow 2017 Direction, Thorvald, Screenplay DK/Feature
People Get Eaten 2015 Direction, Herluf, Screenplay DK/Feature
Freedom on parole 2010 Direction, John, Script DK/Feature
Ledsaget udgang 2007 Direction, John, Script DK/Feature
Mit Danmark - film nr. 5 2006 Direction DK/Documentary
The Wild 2006 Benny Feature
Clown 2005 Erik Clausen TV series
Villa Paranoia 2004 Direction, Jørgen, Script DK/Feature
Sharks 2004 Harry DK/Feature
Motormagasinet 2004 Bingovært TV series
Better Times 2004 Mand TV series
The Fighter 2003 Træneren DK/Short fiction
Break your bounds 2000 Direction, Script, Bent A. Pedersen, vinduespudser DK/Feature
Rejsekammerater 1998 Appearance, Script TV series
Tango 1997 Direction, Ole Jensen, Script, Production DK/Short fiction
En loppe kan også gø 1996 Script, Rimkjær DK/Feature
Cruise Manager 1995 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Carl - My Childhood Symphony 1994 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Fish out of water 1993 Direction, Script, Viggo, Screenplay DK/Feature
The great day on the beach 1991 Axel, Gustav Adolfs far DK/Feature
Kielgasten 1990 Klovnen Bernardi, Screenplay DK/Feature
Me and Mama Mia 1989 Direction, Script, Urmageren Helmuth DK/Feature
En god klovn 1989 Music DK/Documentary
Retfærdighedens rytter 1989 Højtalerstemme DK/Short fiction
Rami and Juliet 1988 Direction, Script DK/Feature
The Dark Side Of The Moon 1986 Direction, Script DK/Feature
De flyvende djævle 1985 Dyrepasser DK/Feature
Karneval 83 1984 Voiceover DK/Documentary
Nissebanden 1984 Sprællemandssælger TV series
In the middle of the night 1984 Arnold DK/Feature
Rocking Silver 1983 Direction, Script, Frank DK/Feature
Clausens garage 1983 Direction, Appearance, Script TV series
Felix 1982 Direction, Script, Svend Erik, Inger Maries søn DK/Feature
Det usynlige pattebarn 1982 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Tigerdukken 1982 Voice TV film
The Circus Casablanca 1981 Direction, Script, Charles DK/Feature
Fantastisk tid 1980 Appearance DK/Documentary
Dirch Passer 1980 Appearance TV documentary
Den musikalske pythonslange 1979 Direction, Appearance, Script TV film
Ludvigsbakke 1978 Cirkusdirektør TV film
Me and Charly 1978 Gøgler DK/Feature