Matilda Appelin

Matilda Appelin is a Danish-Swedish producer, who debuted in 2018 with Michael Noer’s Before The Frost, which was chosen for Toronto Film Festival.
Since then, Appelin has produced Malou Reymann’s first feature film A Perfectly Normal Family (2020), winner of the main prize at International Film Festival Rotterdam, as well as co-produced Tuva Novotny’s Blind Spot (2018), winner of the Silver Seashell prize at San Sebastián Film Festival.
Title Year Function Category
Birthday Girl 2024 Producer DK/Feature
Unruly 2023 Producer DK/Feature
Baby Pyramid 2022 Producer DK/Feature
Diorama 2022 Co-producer DK/Feature
A Perfectly Normal Family 2020 Producer DK/Feature
Charter 2020 Co-producer (Denmark) Feature
Before the Frost 2019 Producer DK/Feature
Queen of Hearts 2019 Associate producer DK/Feature
Becoming Astrid 2019 Producer's assistant Feature
Parents 2016 Continuity DK/Feature
Sámi Blood 2016 Producer's assistant Feature
The Reunion 3 2016 Producer's assistant DK/Feature
Interruption 2015 Producer's assistant DK/Short fiction
Key House Mirror 2015 Production assistant DK/Feature
April 9th 2015 Assistant director: 2. unit, Producer's assistant DK/Feature
Al Medina 2015 Producer's assistant DK/Feature
A War 2015 Producer's assistant DK/Feature
Rosita 2015 Producer's assistant DK/Feature