Day of wrath

Carl Th. Dreyer, Denmark, 1943

93 min.DK/Feature

Anne is a quiet, fearful young woman married to a much older pastor, Absalon, whose mother does not consider Anne worthy of her son and takes every opportunity to humiliate her. Anne lives in a world of stark discipline and deep shadows where any tolling church bell may be announcing a new witch hunt. When Martin, Absalon's son by his first marriage, returns home, Anne falls in love with him immediately. At the same time Anne starts wondering if she has supernatural power like her own mother who was considered a witch. She wills that Martin be waiting for at the door, and he is there. She tells her husband about her love for Martin and wishes him dead, and he falls down and dies. Anne's mother-in-law accuses Anne of having caused Absalon's death with the aid of the Evil One, and denounces her a witch. The weak Martin, in horror, turns away from her, and Anne, standing alone abandoned by everyone, confesses, while insanity shines from her face and tears are weiling her eyes. The death at the stake awaits her.
Basic information Credits Music Materials
Original title Vredens Dag
Danish title Vredens Dag
International titles Tag des Zorns, Jour de Colere, Dies iræ
Other titles Dies irae
Director Carl Th. Dreyer
Screenplay Carl Th. Dreyer, Mogens Skot-Hansen, Poul Knudsen
Based on Efter Hans Wiers-Jenssens skuespil 'Anne Pedersdotter' (1908).
Director of Photography Karl Andersson
Editor Edith Schlüssel, Anne Marie Petersen
Sound Erik Rasmussen
Composer Poul Schierbeck
Production designer Erik Aaes, Lis Fribert
Appearance Thorkild Roose, Lisbeth Movin, Sigrid Neiiendam, Preben Lerdorff Rye
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut, Film-Centralen-Palladium
Technical info 2875 meter, 35 mm, 1,37:1 Academy, Black/white, Sound
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company
Executive Producer Palladium
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut, Film-Centralen-Palladium


Direction Carl Th. Dreyer
Assistant Ebba Dreyer


Script Carl Th. Dreyer
Script Mogens Skot-Hansen
Script Poul Knudsen
Hymns Paul la Cour


Executive producer Tage Nielsen


Cinematography Karl Andersson


Editing Edith Schlüssel
Editing Anne Marie Petersen


Music Poul Schierbeck
Violin Erling Bloch
Viola Hans Kassow

Production design

Production design Erik Aaes
Production designer Lis Fribert


Wardrobe N. Sandt Jensen
Wardrobe Olga Thomsen


Sound Erik Rasmussen
Sound assistant Ole Mørck
Sound assistant Knud Kristensen

Other credits

Historical consultant Kai Uldall


Absalon Pederssøn, præst Thorkild Roose
Anne, Absalons hustru Lisbeth Movin
Merete, Absalons mor Sigrid Neiiendam
Martin, Absalons søn af første ægteskab Preben Lerdorff Rye
Biskop Albert Høeberg
Mester Laurentius Olaf Ussing
Herlofs Marte Anna Svierkier
Degn Preben Neergaard
Appearance Dagmar Wildenbrück
Appearance Emilie Nielsen
Appearance Kirsten Andreasen
Appearance Sophie Knudsen
Appearance Harald Holst
Appearance Emanuel Jørgensen
Appearance Hans Christian Sørensen

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