Michael Obel

(1960 – )

Title Year Function Category
My Canadian Adventure - The Quest for the Lost Gold 2015 Producer, Screenplay, Story, Trailer editor DK/Feature
My African Adventure 2013 Screenplay, Director: post-production, Executive producer, Story DK/Feature
My Sister's Kids Home Alone 2012 Screenplay, Producer, Story, Trailer editor DK/Feature
My sister's kids in Jutland 2010 Script, Producer DK/Feature
Fri os fra det onde 2009 Executive producer DK/Feature
Kærlighed på film 2007 Producer DK/Feature
Outside love 2007 Producer, Executive producer DK/Feature
The Substitute 2007 Producer DK/Feature
The sun king 2005 Executive producer DK/Feature
Hip hip hora! 2004 Executive producer Feature
My sister's kids in Egypt 2004 Producer DK/Feature
Silk Road 2004 Producer DK/Feature
My sister's kids 2 2002 Producer DK/Feature
Gamle mænd i nye biler 2002 Producer DK/Feature
En sång för Martin 2001 Production DK/Feature
Jewel of the desert 2001 Production DK/Feature
My sister's children 2001 Production DK/Feature
Dykkerne 2000 Producer DK/Feature
Under overfladen 1998 Production DK/Feature
On our own 1998 Producer DK/Feature
Nightwatch 1998 Producer Feature
GUFOL-Mysteriet 1997 Producer TV series
Charlot og Charlotte 1996 Executive producer TV series
Juletestamentet 1995 Executive producer TV series
Nightwatch 1994 Production DK/Feature
Hayfever 1991 Production, Trailer DK/Feature
The great day on the beach 1991 Trailer DK/Feature
Jydekompagniet 3 1989 Script, Producer DK/Feature
The girl in a swing 1988 Unit manager Feature
Jydekompagniet 1988 Producer DK/Feature
Time out 1988 Unit manager DK/Feature
Walter and Carlo, part II 1986 Production manager DK/Feature
Suzanne and Leonard 1984 Unit manager DK/Feature
The traitors 1983 Unit manager DK/Feature
Kidnapning 1982 Production assistant DK/Feature
The parallel corpse 1982 Production assistant DK/Feature
Three angels and five lions 1982 Production assistant DK/Feature
Have you seen Alice? 1981 Bøffen, Set dresser DK/Feature
Jeppe på bjerget 1981 Production assistant DK/Feature
The suitor 1975 Jens, tjenestedreng DK/Feature