Peter Peter

/B. 1960


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Film Year Function Category
Neon Heart 2018 DK/Feature
3 Things 2017 Composer DK/Feature
On the Road with Dad 2017 Series (documentary)
The Dolphin 2017 DK/Short fiction
Antboy 3 2016 Composer DK/Feature
Hugland 2016 Appearance DK/Documentary
Shadow of a Hero 2015 Composer DK/Documentary
Lukas & The Aspies 2015 Music DK/Short fiction
Antboy: Revenge of The Red Fury 2014 Composer DK/Feature
Inside Fur 2014 Composer Documentary
Painless 2014 Music DK/Short fiction
Antboy 2013 Composer DK/Feature
Tabu 2012 Composer DK/Short fiction
Over the edge 2012 Composer DK/Feature
Wig Studio 2011 Music DK/Documentary
Mig og Jesper 2009 Appearance DK/Documentary
Valhalla Rising 2009 Music DK/Feature
Romeo & Julius 2009 Music DK/Documentary
Affæren i Prag 2009 Music DK/Documentary
The alliance 2008 Music DK/Short fiction
God, Smell and Her 2008 Composer Feature
Crush 2007 Composer DK/Short fiction
Af jord er du kommet 2007 Music DK/Documentary
Homeless 2006 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Ambulance 2005 Music DK/Feature
Pusher III - Angel death 2005 Composer DK/Feature
With blood on my hands - Pusher II 2004 Music DK/Feature
Polle Fiction 2002 Music DK/Feature
4000 Roskilde 2002 Music DK/Short fiction
From Scratz 2002 Music DK/Documentary
Hotmen Coolboyz 2000 Music DK/Feature
Bleeder 1999 Music DK/Feature
Constance 1999 Music DK/Feature
Spotless 1999 Music DK/Short fiction
Psykologens Dagbog 1999 Music DK/Short fiction
Loser 1998 Tony Mahogny Band DK/Short fiction
Voyeur 1998 Music DK/Documentary
Geek - Nyc's Secret Sideshow 1997 Music DK/Experimental
Pusher 1996 Music DK/Feature
Illustrated man 1995 Music DK/Documentary
The Present 1992 Music DK/Short fiction
On the edge of town 1992 Music DK/Experimental
Disjointed Memovision 1992 Music DK/Experimental
Bronenosetj Potemkin 1925 Composer: 2007 version Feature
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