Marianne Christensen

/B. 1956


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Film Year Function Category
The Guilty 2018 DK/Feature
Winter Brothers 2017 DK/Feature
Deja vu 2016 Producer DK/Documentary
Lyrikporten – 28 danske digtere 2016 DK/Documentary
Long Story Short 2015 Line producer DK/Feature
Someone You Love 2014 Line producer DK/Feature
A Short Life 2014 Production supervisor DK/Short fiction
I Am Talking To You 2013 Line producer DK/Documentary
Kon-tiki 2012 Post-production coordinator: Denmark Feature
Erotic Man 2010 Producer DK/Feature
Sheep 2009 Production manager DK/Short fiction
Scattering clouds - when mom and dad are in prison 2008 Producer DK/Documentary
Roskilde 2008 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Everything is Relative 2008 Line producer DK/Documentary
Comeback 2008 Production consultant DK/Feature
Awakening 2008 Production manager: pre-production DK/Short fiction
Someone like you 2007 Production manager: post-production DK/Documentary
Purity Beats Everything 2007 Producer DK/Documentary
The Cliffwood 2007 Producer consultant DK/Documentary
Performance 2006 Production manager DK/Short fiction
Blood Sisters 2006 Line producer DK/Short fiction
Et andet sted 2006 Production consultant DK/Short fiction
Young Andersen 2005 Line producer DK/Feature
Aarhus 2005 Producer DK/Documentary
Allegro 2005 Line producer DK/Feature
Jeg dig elsker 2005 Producer DK/Documentary
Silk Road 2004 Production manager DK/Feature
Move Me! 2003 Line producer DK/Feature
Frunk 2003 Consultant DK/Short fiction
The Fighter 2003 Production consultant DK/Short fiction
Between Us 2003 Consultant DK/Short fiction
Reconstruction 2003 Producer consultant DK/Feature
The five obstructions 2003 Casting: The perfect human, Cuba DK/Documentary
Dreamers 2002 Producer DK/Documentary
It's all about love 2002 Line producer DK/Feature
Nye scener fra Amerika 2002 Producer DK/Documentary
Postkort fra Mars 2001 Producer DK/Short fiction
At the Faber 2000 Executive producer TV series
I'm alive. Søren Ulrik Thomsen: A Danish poet 1999 Line producer DK/Documentary
The Olsen gang - final mission 1998 Production manager DK/Feature
Laslo's theme 1998 Production manager DK/Short fiction
Karrusel 1998 Producer: pre-production TV series
Fräulein Smillas Gespür für Schnee 1997 Production manager Feature
Barbara 1997 Production manager: Faroe Islands DK/Feature
Bella my Bella 1996 Line producer DK/Feature
Søren Kierkegaard 1994 Production manager DK/Documentary
Das Geisterhaus 1993 Production manager Feature
Michael Laudrup: A Football Player 1993 Production manager: pre-production DK/Documentary
Brev til Jonas 1992 Production manager DK/Short fiction
Traberg 1992 Producer DK/Feature
Giselle 1991 Line producer DK/Documentary
På optagelse med Steven Spielberg 1990 Script DK/Documentary
Love on the rails 1989 Production manager DK/Feature
Happiness is a curious catch 1989 Production manager DK/Feature
Miracle in Valby 1989 Production manager DK/Feature
Shower of Gold 1988 Unit manager DK/Feature
Rami and Juliet 1988 Production manager DK/Feature
Een gang strømer... 1987 Production manager TV series
Ballerup Boulevard 1986 Production assistant DK/Feature
Early Spring 1986 Production manager DK/Feature
De flyvende djævle 1985 Production assistant DK/Feature
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Awards and nominations

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Award Release year Festivals Film
Best Danish short fiction 2006 Odense Internationale Film Festival 2006 Jeg dig elsker
Special Prize of The Jury 2003 Damascus The Danish Institute 2003 Nye scener fra Amerika

Festival screenings

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Festivals Festival date Film
ZagrebDox 26-02-2017 Deja vu
Lübeck, Nordische Filmtage 02-11-2016 Deja vu
Vilnius Documentary Film Festival 22-09-2016 Deja vu
Fredrikstad, Nordic Docs 26-05-2016 Deja vu
Amsterdam, IDFA 18-11-2015 Deja vu
CPH:DOX 06-11-2015 Deja vu
Taipei Taiwan Int. Documentary Film Festival 09-10-2014 Purity Beats Everything
Bucharest One World Romania 12-03-2013 Purity Beats Everything
Montréal Rencontres Int. Du Documentaire 09-11-2011 Erotic Man
Montréal Rencontres Int. Du Documentaire 09-11-2011 Nye scener fra Amerika
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 03-11-2011 Erotic Man
Batumi International Arthouse Film Festival 17-09-2011 Erotic Man
Riga Baltic Pearl 15-09-2011 Erotic Man
Riga Arsenals 10-09-2011 Erotic Man
Anthropology Film Festival Pärnu 04-07-2011 Erotic Man
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 01-07-2011 Erotic Man
CPH:DOX 17-06-2011 Erotic Man
Sao Paulo It's All True Int. Documentary FF 31-03-2011 Erotic Man
ZagrebDox 06-03-2011 Erotic Man
Göteborg International Film Festival 28-01-2011 Erotic Man
Thessaloniki International Film Festival 03-12-2010 Erotic Man
Amsterdam, IDFA 18-11-2010 Erotic Man
Buenos Aires Danish Film Festival 16-11-2010 Erotic Man
Lithuania Scanorama Film Forum 11-11-2010 Erotic Man
CPH:DOX 04-11-2010 Erotic Man
Bergen International Film festival 20-10-2010 Erotic Man
Lisbon Int. Documentary Film Festival 14-10-2010 Erotic Man
Lisbon Int. Documentary Film Festival 14-10-2010 Aarhus
Lisbon Int. Documentary Film Festival 14-10-2010 Nye scener fra Amerika
Toronto International Film Festival 09-09-2010 Erotic Man
Korean International Documentary Festival 21-10-2009 Purity Beats Everything
Athens International Film Festival 16-09-2009 Aarhus
Odense Internationale Film Festival 17-08-2009 Scattering clouds - when mom and dad are in prison
Taipei Taiwan Int. Documentary Film Festival 31-10-2008 Purity Beats Everything
Uppsala Int. Short Film Festival 20-10-2008 Purity Beats Everything
Tehran, Cinéma Vérité, Documentary Film Festival 15-10-2008 Aarhus
Tehran, Cinéma Vérité, Documentary Film Festival 15-10-2008 Dreamers
Tehran, Cinéma Vérité, Documentary Film Festival 15-10-2008 Nye scener fra Amerika
Reykjavik Shorts&Docs 22-08-2008 Purity Beats Everything
Odense Internationale Film Festival 19-08-2008 Scattering clouds - when mom and dad are in prison
Odense Internationale Film Festival 19-08-2008 Purity Beats Everything
Warszawa, Against Gravity 09-05-2008 Nye scener fra Amerika
Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival 22-04-2008 Scattering clouds - when mom and dad are in prison
CINUSP Paulo Emílio 02-04-2008 Aarhus
CINUSP Paulo Emílio 02-04-2008 Nye scener fra Amerika
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 16-03-2008 Purity Beats Everything
Montreal Festival du Film sur l'art 06-03-2008 Jeg dig elsker
Amsterdam, IDFA 22-11-2007 Purity Beats Everything
CPH:DOX 09-11-2007 Purity Beats Everything
Montage Video Dance Festival 15-03-2007 Jeg dig elsker
Helsinki Doc Point Documentary Film Festival 24-01-2007 Nye scener fra Amerika
Jakmel Film Festival 24-11-2006 Nye scener fra Amerika
Lithuania Scanorama Film Forum 11-11-2006 Jeg dig elsker
Sheffield Doc/Fest 30-10-2006 Aarhus
London, Dance on Screen 30-10-2006 Jeg dig elsker
Uppsala Int. Short Film Festival 23-10-2006 Jeg dig elsker
Oslo, Dans for Kamera 28-09-2006 Jeg dig elsker
Aarhus, Nordisk Panorama 22-09-2006 Jeg dig elsker
Drama Int. Short Film Festival 17-09-2006 Jeg dig elsker
Odense Internationale Film Festival 15-08-2006 Jeg dig elsker
New York Film Society of Lincoln Center 13-05-2006 Jeg dig elsker
Sao Paulo It's All True Int. Documentary FF 23-03-2006 Aarhus
Göteborg International Film Festival 27-01-2006 Aarhus
New York Dance On Camera Festival 04-01-2006 Jeg dig elsker
Aarhus Filmfestival 25-10-2005 Aarhus
Odense Internationale Film Festival 11-08-2005 Aarhus
Tel Aviv Docaviv Int. Documentary Film Festival 07-04-2005 Nye scener fra Amerika
Tehran Int. Short Film Festival 17-11-2004 Nye scener fra Amerika
Paris, Festival de films Ecrans d'Haïti 29-10-2004 Dreamers
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 26-10-2004 Nye scener fra Amerika
Jakmel Film Festival 09-07-2004 Dreamers
La Rochelle Intern. Film Festival 25-06-2004 Nye scener fra Amerika
EDN seminar Calcutta 01-04-2004 Nye scener fra Amerika
New York American Museum of the Moving Image 13-03-2004 Nye scener fra Amerika
Washington National Gallery of Art 10-01-2004 Nye scener fra Amerika
Damascus The Danish Institute 06-12-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Festival dei Popoli, Firenze 28-11-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
ICA Institute of Contemporary Art 07-11-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Sevilla Cinema and Sport Film Festival 02-11-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Lübeck, Nordische Filmtage 30-10-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 23-10-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Aarhus Filmfestival 22-10-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Uppsala Int. Short Film Festival 20-10-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Bergen International Film festival 16-10-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Sheffield Doc/Fest 13-10-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
The Other Cinema Haiti Support Group 14-09-2003 Dreamers
Odense Internationale Film Festival 11-08-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Vila Do Conde Festival Int. De Curtas Metragens 29-06-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
SilverDocs AFI Documentary Festival 18-06-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
New York Tribeca Film Festival 03-05-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Jeonju International Film Festival 25-04-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro - It's All True - International Doc. Film Festival 03-04-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Montréal Festival du Film sur L'Art 13-03-2003 Dreamers
Rouen, Fest. du Cinema Nordique 12-03-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Paris Festival Cinéma du réel 07-03-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Göteborg International Film Festival 24-01-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Salt Lake City Sundance Film Festival 16-01-2003 Nye scener fra Amerika
Amsterdam, IDFA 21-11-2002 Nye scener fra Amerika
Berlin Prix Europa Festival 12-10-2002 Dreamers
Oulu Nordisk Panorama 24-09-2002 Nye scener fra Amerika
New York Scandinavian House 12-09-2002 Dreamers
New York Scandinavian House 12-09-2002 Nye scener fra Amerika
Odense Internationale Film Festival 12-08-2002 Dreamers
Sao Paulo It's All True Int. Documentary FF 11-04-2002 Dreamers
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Registration of festival participation and awards

The Danish Film Institute registers international festival participation and awards for Danish films, though primarily for films whose festival distribution is handled by the Danish Film Institute, and primarily in connection with festivals prioritised by the Danish Film Institute. Festival participation and awards regarding Danish films that are not handled through the Danish Film Institute's festival distribution will only be registered in connection with "launch" festivals, according to the Danish Film Institute's list of priority festivals. See the list of priority festivals.

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