Feras Fayyad

Director, writer, radio producer. Born in Syria. Feras Fayyad has a BA in audiovisual arts and filmmaking from the international film and television school EICAR in Paris.

Fayyad has directed and edited a number of films, both documentary and fiction, and has received recognition for his work on contemporary Syrian issues and the political transformation of the Arab world.

His films include 'Damascus and the Last Manifestations' (2011), 'On the Other Side' (2012), 'Behind the White Color' (2014) and 'My Escape' (2016).

'Last Men in Aleppo' (2017), directed by Fayyad (co-director Steen Johannessen), won the international documentary competition at Sundance and CPH:DOX' main award DOX:AWARD. The film won the award for Best Current Affairs Documentary at the News and Documentary Emmy Awards in 2018 and was nominated for the Oscars 2018.

'The Cave' (2019) won the Grolsch People’s Choice Documentary Award at its world premiere at Toronto and subsequently won two Emmy Awards. The film was nominated for the Oscars 2020.
Title Year Function Category
The Cave 2019 Direction, Co-writer DK/Documentary
Last Men in Aleppo 2017 Direction, Screenplay, Story and research DK/Documentary