Steen Johannessen

/B. 1972

Editor, director. Born 1972, Denmark. Steen Johannessen is an experienced editor on documentary films, with projects including "Who We Were" (2016), "Motley's Law" (2015) and "Warriors from the North" (2014).

"Last Men in Aleppo" (2017), directed by Feras Fayyad and with Johannessen as co-director, marks Johannessen's first directorial endeavour. He is also editor on the film, which won the international documentary competition at Sundance Film Festival.


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Film Year Function Category
Last Men in Aleppo 2017 DK/Documentary
Motley's Law 2016 Editor DK/Documentary
Who We Were 2016 DK/Documentary
The Child Soldier’s New Job 2016 DK/Documentary
Forsøget 2014 Editor DK/Documentary
Warriors from the North 2014 Editor DK/Documentary
Putin's kiss 2012 Editing DK/Documentary
The Detective 1:3 2012 Editor DK/Documentary
The Detective 2:3 2012 Editor DK/Documentary
The Detective 3:3 2012 Editor DK/Documentary
The President 2011 Editor DK/Documentary
Au pair 2011 Editing DK/Documentary
Trafficking 2010 Editing DK/Documentary
Vote for change 2009 Editing DK/Documentary
Usynlige piger 2009 Editing DK/Documentary
Tine på tværs 2009 Editing DK/Documentary
Scattering clouds - when mom and dad are in prison 2008 Editing DK/Documentary
69 2008 Editing DK/Documentary
Muhammedkrisen under huden 2007 Editing DK/Documentary
AFR 2007 Sequence editor DK/Feature
Den hemmelige krig 2006 Editing DK/Documentary
To Damascus - a film on interpretation 2005 Editing DK/Documentary
Boomerang drengen 2004 Editing DK/Documentary
Det røde guld 2004 Editing DK/Documentary
United States of Afganistan 2004 Editing DK/Documentary
Dogville Confessions 2003 Editor DK/Documentary
Celestial night: A film on visibility 2003 Production DK/Documentary
Model 2002 Editing DK/Documentary
von Triers 100 øjne 2000 Editing DK/Documentary
The case's rhapsody 2000 Editing DK/Short fiction
Le grand final 2000 Editing DK/Short fiction
Timbuktoo 2000 Editing DK/Short fiction
Tempo 1998 Sound engineer DK/Experimental
It's a Game 1998 Editing DK/Short fiction
The Day the Women Took Over or I Was a Teenage Neo-Impressionist 1998 Sound DK/Short fiction
One Year 1997 Editing DK/Short fiction
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