Christian Steengaard Potalivo

(1979 – )

Producer. Born 18/2 1979. Graduated as Producer from The National Film School of Denmark in 2007. Also studied at the European Film College.

Christian Potalivo became famous as a child actor in a number of Danish children's films in the early 90's. In the following years he voice acted in numerous animation films including Danish voices in Disney's 'Tarzan' (1999) and 'Chicken Little' (2005).

During the years Potalivo has produced a long line of Danish children's and youth films, including 'Monster busters' (2009), 'Iqbal Farooq and The Secret Recipe' (2015), 'Iqbal & the Jewel of India' (2018) and 'Anti' (2016). He has also produced films for an older audience like the comedy 'At World's End' (2009) and the drama 'Long Story Short' (2015).

For television he produced all three seasons of the Danish series 'Dicte' (2013-2016) together with fellow producers Peter Bose and Jonas Allen.
Filmography Music
Title Year Function Category
Heavy Load 2019 Producer DK/Feature
Iqbal & the Jewel of India 2018 Producer DK/Feature
Anti 2016 Producer DK/Feature
Iqbal & The Superchip 2016 Producer DK/Feature
Dicte 3 2016 Producer TV series
Long Story Short 2015 Producer DK/Feature
Iqbal Farooq and The Secret Recipe 2015 Producer DK/Feature
Danny's Doomsday 2014 Producer DK/Feature
Dicte 2 2014 Producer TV series
Dicte 1 2013 Producer TV series
Those who kill - Shadow of the past 2012 Production assistant DK/Feature
Jensen & Jensen 2011 Associate producer DK/Feature
Yogi Bear 2010 Boo Boo Feature
At World's End 2009 Producer DK/Feature
Monsterjægerne 2009 Producer DK/Feature
The New Tenants 2009 Producer DK/Short fiction
Tempelriddernes skat III - Mysteriet om slangekronen 2008 Producer DK/Feature
Frode - og alle de andre rødder 2008 Producer DK/Feature
Make My Day 2008 Producer DK/Short fiction
The Funeral 2008 Producer DK/Short fiction
Shrek the Third 2007 Artie Feature
Noget for noget 2007 Production DK/Short fiction
Tempelriddernes skat II 2007 Production assistant DK/Feature
Viggo - havets skræk 2006 Production DK/Short fiction
Chicken Little 2005 Pjevs Feature
InshAllah 2005 Production DK/Documentary
Dinosaur 2000 Voice Feature
Tarzan 1999 Voice Feature
A Goofy Movie 1995 Max [dialog] Feature
The Troll Movie, Viktor and Viktoria 1993 Appearance DK/Feature
Mørklægning 1992 Jesper Nielsen, Helges søn TV series
Crumb at a Gallop 1992 Tom DK/Feature
The Crumbs 1991 Tom DK/Feature
Dance of the Polar Bears 1990 Skoleelev DK/Feature
Music Year Film Function
Trollerollerolleskovv 1993 Viktor og Viktoria Singing