Lars Fog-Møller

(1964 – 2019)

Title Year Function Category
Before the Frost 2019 Set dresser DK/Feature
Never Again a Tomorrow 2017 Set decorator DK/Feature
You Disappear 2017 Set dresser DK/Feature
The Christmas Family 2 2016 Set decorator DK/Feature
Rastløs 2015 Set decorator DK/Short fiction
People Get Eaten 2015 Set decorator DK/Feature
Mordene på Katarina 2015 Set decorator DK/Short fiction
Flow 2014 Set dresser DK/Feature
Weekend Dad 2013 Property master DK/Short fiction
Tomgang 2013 Set dresser TV series
Rebounce 2011 Property master DK/Feature
Freedom on parole 2010 Production designer DK/Feature
Boy Meets Girl 2008 Set dresser DK/Short fiction
Ledsaget udgang 2007 Set dresser DK/Feature
Hvordan vi slipper af med de andre 2007 Set dresser DK/Feature
The Church 2007 Assistant stunt coordinator DK/Short fiction
Clash of Egos 2006 Set decorator DK/Feature
Absalons hemmelighed 2006 Set dresser TV series
Return to Sender 2005 Set dresser, Assistant production designer DK/Feature
Manslaughter 2005 Set dresser DK/Feature
Pusher III - Angel death 2005 Property master DK/Feature
The sun king 2005 Set decorator DK/Feature
Villa Paranoia 2004 Set dresser DK/Feature
Brothers 2004 Property master DK/Feature
Pusher II 2004 Property master DK/Feature
Inheritance 2003 Set dresser DK/Feature
Scratch 2003 Property master DK/Feature
Charlotte Amalie - fruer & friller 2003 Set dresser DK/Short fiction
Jesus & Josefine 2003 Set dresser TV series
Ulvepigen Tinke 2002 Set dresser DK/Feature
Gamle mænd i nye biler 2002 Property master DK/Feature
Anja & Viktor 2001 Set dresser DK/Feature
Jewel of the desert 2001 Set dresser DK/Feature
One-hand clapping 2001 Set dresser DK/Feature
D-Dag 2001 Set dresser TV film
Jolly Roger 2001 Set dresser DK/Feature
Break your bounds 2000 Set dresser DK/Feature
Love at last hickup 1999 Set dresser DK/Feature
Tifanfaya 1998 Set dresser DK/Short fiction
Skat, det er din tur 1997 Set dresser DK/Feature
Hemmeligheder 1997 Set dresser DK/Short fiction
En loppe kan også gø 1996 Set dresser DK/Feature
Shadow of the Clouds 1996 Set dresser DK/Short fiction
The naked trees 1991 Assistant set dresser DK/Feature
Casanova 1990 Assistant set dresser: 2. unit DK/Feature
The man who wanted to be guilty 1990 Masks DK/Feature
Heaven and Hell 1988 2. unit DK/Feature
Coeurs flambés 1986 Assistant set dresser DK/Feature
The boy who disappeared 1984 Assistant set dresser DK/Feature
Isfugle 1983 Assistant set dresser DK/Feature