Leif Axel Kjeldsen

(1954 – )

Title Year Function Category
The Christmas Family 3 – And the Pixie Hotel 2021 Magisk bog stemme DK/Feature
Gråtass - Gøy på landet 2016 A-editor Feature
The Christmas Family 2 2016 Editor DK/Feature
Familien Jul 2014 Editor DK/Feature
Tidsrejsen 2014 Editor: pre-production TV series
The Secret Society of Fine Arts 2012 Chief editor DK/Feature
My Sister's Kids Home Alone 2012 B-editor DK/Feature
Those who kill 2011 Editor TV series
Ambassadøren 2011 Editor DK/Documentary
The protectors 2008 Editing TV series
Svarta nejlikan 2007 Editing DK/Feature
Anna Pihl 2006 Editing TV series
Strings 2004 Editing DK/Feature
Forsvar 2003 Editing TV series
Polle Fiction 2002 Editing DK/Feature
Tsatsiki - Vänner för alltid 2001 Editing Feature
Expedition Sirius 2000 2001 Editing TV documentary
Anna 2000 Editing DK/Feature
Unit 1 2000 Editing TV series
So Beautiful 1998 Editing DK/Short fiction
Strisser på Samsø 1997 Editing TV series
A Scent of Paradise 1997 Editor DK/Feature
Sprængt nakke 1995 Editing TV film
Who's Hitler 1995 Editing TV film
The Girl with the Green Eyes 1995 Editing DK/Short fiction
Juletestamentet 1995 Editing TV series
Tango for tre 1994 Editing, Appearance TV series
The daughter of the puma 1994 Editing DK/Feature
Red roses and parsley 1993 Editing DK/Feature
The Troll Movie, Viktor and Viktoria 1993 Editing DK/Feature
The Boys From St. Petri 1991 Editing DK/Feature
The birthday trip 1990 Editing DK/Feature
Spring Tide 1990 Editing DK/Feature
Me and Mama Mia 1989 Editing DK/Feature
Et andet liv 1989 Editing DK/Short fiction
Shower of Gold 1988 Editing DK/Feature
Murder in Paradise 1988 Editing DK/Feature
Emma's shadow 1988 Editing DK/Feature
Da Lotte blev usynlig 1988 Editing TV series
The Redtops 1988 Editing supervisor DK/Feature
Murder in the Dark 1986 Editing DK/Feature
Johannes' hemmelighed 1985 Editing DK/Short fiction
In the middle of the night 1984 Editing DK/Feature
Cykelsymfonien 1983 Editing DK/Short fiction
Kurt and Valde 1983 Editing DK/Feature
Three angels and five lions 1982 Editing DK/Feature
The Olsen gang over the hill 1981 Editing DK/Feature
The Olsen gang jumps the fence 1981 Editing DK/Feature
Jeppe på bjerget 1981 Assistant editor DK/Feature
The Olsen gang never surrenders 1979 Assistant set dresser DK/Feature
Matador 1978 Editing, Set decorator TV series