Rasmus Winther


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/As Rasmus Winther

Film Year Function Category
The Wait 2016 DK/Documentary
I am Here 2014 Sound editor DK/Feature
The Newsroom - Off the Record 2014 Sound design DK/Documentary
The good life 2011 Sound DK/Documentary
Med døden til følge 2011 Sound DK/Documentary
Love is in the air 2011 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Miss Julie 2011 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Svend 2011 Sound: post-production DK/Documentary
Armadillo 2010 Sound design DK/Documentary
Easy money 2010 Sound design Feature
45 cm 2007 Sound DK/Short fiction
Young man falling 2007 Sound design DK/Short fiction
Krummerne - så er det jul igen 2006 B-sound designer: post-production DK/Feature
En gal, en elsker eller en poet 2005 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Documentary
Ghosts of Cité Soleil 2005 Sound DK/Documentary
The Babylon disease 2004 Sound effect editor Feature
This is Me Walking 2004 Sound DK/Short fiction
The bull 2003 Sound DK/Short fiction
Cool Girl 2003 Sound design DK/Short fiction
The dancing Letter 2000 Sound DK/Short fiction
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/As Rasmus Winther Jensen

Film Year Function Category
The Saint Bernard Syndicate 2018 DK/Feature
Waiting for The Sun 2017 DK/Documentary
...When You Look Away 2017 DK/Documentary
Borg vs McEnroe 2017 Feature
Who We Were 2016 DK/Documentary
Key House Mirror 2015 Sound design DK/Feature
Summer of '92 2015 Sound DK/Feature
Land of Mine 2015 Sound DK/Feature
Ejersbo 2015 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Født til filmen 2015 DK/Documentary
The Cartel 2014 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Good Things Await 2014 Sound design DK/Documentary
Northwest 2013 Sound design DK/Feature
The Shooter 2013 Sound mixer DK/Feature
Ai Weiwei The Fake Case 2013 Sound design DK/Documentary
Moon Rider 2012 Sound design DK/Documentary
The Secret Society Of Fine Arts 2012 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Free the mind 2012 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Rent a family Inc. 2012 Sound design DK/Documentary
Kongens foged - sat på gaden 2012 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Kidd life 2012 Sound DK/Documentary
Niels Skousen - 40 år i dansk rock 2012 Music mixer DK/Documentary
Mine mine 2011 Sound: post-production DK/Documentary
A kind of paradise 2011 Sound design DK/Documentary
Regnbueaber 2011 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Short fiction
The Home Front 2010 Sound DK/Documentary
Fever 2010 Sound DK/Documentary
Headhunter 2009 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Kim - a Film About War and Love 2009 Sound DK/Documentary
The Invention of Dr. Nakamats 2009 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Roskilde 2008 Sound DK/Documentary
Fear Me Not 2008 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Little soldier 2008 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Helena - Direktørens datter 2008 Sound DK/Documentary
Just like home 2007 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Daisy Diamond 2007 B-sound engineer: mix DK/Feature
Outside love 2007 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Echo 2007 Sound DK/Feature
Mechanical love 2007 Sound designer DK/Documentary
My Brother 2007 Sound Documentary
One to one 2006 Sound mixer DK/Feature
Menneskenes land - min film om Grønland 2006 Sound mixer DK/Documentary
Dear Wendy 2005 Sound effects recordist DK/Feature
Freeway 2005 Sound DK/Documentary
Percy, Buffalo Bill och jag 2005 Dubbing Feature
Det røde guld 2004 Sound DK/Documentary
Rukov - på sporet af den tabte tid 2004 Sound DK/Documentary
The Fighter 2003 Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
The Accident 2003 Sound assistant DK/Short fiction
Right Hand 2003 Sound DK/Documentary
Telling her 2001 Sound DK/Documentary
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